Brother Says Victor Maurice Fought For His Life

Quigley Maurice, the brother of shooting victim Victor Maurice, says that his deceased sibling fought for his life.

Victor was shot in November at his home and died Tuesday morning in Martinique.

Quigley recalled that his brother was taken to Martinique four days after being shot and has been in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

“The news last week was the best we have had since the shooting. The bone in his back had healed; his kidneys were firing; the arm – he could move;  he was quite alert; his senses were intact and he looked okay,” Quigley told St Lucia Times.

But he disclosed that last weekend Victor developed an infection in his urinary tract.

However, Quigley explained that the family was of the opinion that the infection would go away because Victor “really fought for his life.”

“He really gave all that he had and he went into a coma three weeks ago. He got out of the coma and he did better and it has been an up and down battle. Then this morning we were very surprised – I was very surprised when I got a call that he had passed at 5 in the morning,” he told St Lucia Times.

“It’s hard on us but we don’t have a choice. Like other families we are there for each other – we are working together,” Quigley stated.

At the time of the interview the family was gathering at Quigley’s home.

“There is so much courage. We feel better being together. We have always been a very close family and that is one thing that really worked for us and that is why Victor’s passing is going to hurt us even more.”

“He was always here at my house we were always taking – laughter is a big thing in my family,” Quigley revealed.

He disclosed plans for a news conference later Tuesday afternoon, declaring that there were some things he wanted to say at that time, not out of bitterness but in a ‘gentlemanly’ way.

Quigley said he has been in touch with the Commissioner of Police.

“I won’t say anything now. I will express my feelings gentlemanly. You never hurt the people who you expect to help you and even when they don’t come through, you still have to put faith in them and that is where I am with the police,” he stated.


    • Would you not have rage and venom in your veins if it was your loved one who was senselessly gunned down with such intent to kill?

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