Friday, September 30, 2022

BTC Donates House To Mother Of Former Ward

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The mother of a former ward of the Boys Training Centre (BTC) Ms. Natasha Johnny, now has a safe place to call home.

She is the grateful recipient of a lovely two (2) bedroom dwelling in Rocky Lane Dennery.


Natasha Johnny turns the key to enter her new home

The house was constructed by the staff of the Boys Training Centre (BTC) and the building
materials were provided by the Saint Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF).

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Manager of the Boys Training Centre (BTC) Wang Sonson stated that Ms. Johnny was flagged as being in desperate need of a home after a social worker from the Boys Training Centre (BTC) visited her home and saw her unsatisfactory living condition.

“Today we are donating this house to a former ward of the BTC. She came to our attention while her son was at the centre. She was flagged as being in need of a dwelling when my social worker saw her living conditions. She has two daughters less than ten (10) years old. After being informed of her situation we decided to seek assistance from the SSDF who provided the building materials.I then informed the staff of the situation and told them that we needed to assist Ms. Johnny. The staff was more than eager to assist and with their support we were able to provide labour for the construction of this house.”

He further noted that “Since we are in the hurricane season, it is a good time to have her move to her new residence. I am hopeful that Ms. Johnny and her family will be safe during this hurricane season”

Mr. Sonson is also appealing to persons who are willing to assist Ms. Johnny in obtaining furniture for the new home to contact the Boys Training Centre (BTC) for guidance in doing so.

“I know for a fact that she will need support with furniture and electrical appliances for the house. If anyone out there wants to assist please feel free to contact the Boys Training Centre (BTC) and we will guide you on the way forward.”

Recipient of the new dwelling Ms. Natasha Johnny expressed her gratitude for the donation.

“I am feeling excited although I was afraid this morning. I am very happy to be moving from where I was to this new home. Thank you BTC and SSDF for this donation.”

The construction of the house began in 2019 and was due to be completed in early 2020 but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it had to be pushed back.

The dwelling was finally completed in July 2020 and the house was officially handed over to Ms. Natasha Johnny on Friday, July 24th, 2020.

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