Saturday, December 7, 2019

Buju Establishes Foundation To Help Youths

Superstar reggae artiste Buju Banton has established a foundation which aims to ensure that at-risk youths, from newborn to 20 years old, have equal opportunities to succeed, through skills training and educational opportunities, according to news reports.

“Born in abject poverty, I know what it is for a child to go without basic necessities. I also know what it is to be a youth with big dreams and lots of determination,” the  Grammy-winning artiste said in a media statement.

Buju, whose given name is Mark Myrie, said that many youths are daunted and are unable to achieve their destiny due to lack of a helping hand. He said the foundation will assist through provision of food, clothing, healthcare and education.

“Jah has blessed me. I have made it my mission, through the Buju Banton Foundation, to help by giving light to youth living in the darkness of poverty,” he said.

The Buju Banton Foundation was founded as a public charity in 2019.

The foundation initiatives is to implement programs that will provide skills training, talent development, educational empowerment, and other sustainable assistance to youth in Jamaica.


  1. Buju , indeed, ought to do two basic things. ;first and foremost he needs to do what ever it takes to restore his celebrity and integrity. Whether or not he was guilty of the crimes he was accused and convicted of , a great deal of damage was done to him. He must now humble himself and let it be seen that he is deliberate in his efforts good image restoration. He certainly must do that by first setting aside his very celebrity , and in obvious humility do penance. The other basic thing he has to it give back to society. He is well on the way in that respect , by setting up his foundation and targeting the indigent poor and the disadvantaged and depraved youth.

  2. I think it’s a great justure of the artist! And just a month after his release.I paryand give my spiritual surport that he get more finance and motivation to continue.

  3. More celebrities should do the same it puts more attention to our future generations God knows they need all the help and attention to try and keep them from all the wrong influences they face

  4. Roger G you made some good points. I think Buju is cognizant of his transgression and has a new perspective on life. Buju has transformed and with a renewed mind, he is going to leave a good mark on society that will be a guiding light to anyone who falls down. Buju’s mark will be an example for others to see that they too can rise up like a Phoenix and do great things after falling.

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