Saturday, November 16, 2019

Bureau Of Standards Forms Committee On Cannabis

Press Release:–  The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) will launch a committee to spearhead and participate in work on the adoption of international standards for Cannabis.

The SLBS has established a National Ad Hoc Mirror Committee of ASTM International on Cannabis (Committee D37) which brings together representatives of educational and research institutions, state and non-state actors with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will guide the participation in the ASTM committee and adoption of the appropriate standards.

The SLBS has an established Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with ASTM International which is responsible for the development of American standards for testing and metrology.

Under the terms of the MOU, Saint Lucia can join technical committees of the ASTM and contribute to the development of these standards.

In light of the growing regional interest in the use of Cannabis, the SLBS Ad Hoc Mirror committee will review and follow the work being done by ASTM.

The ASTM D37 Committee currently has established sub committees to address the following:

D37.01 Indoor and Outdoor Horticulture and Agriculture
D37.02 Quality Management Systems
D37.03 Laboratory
D37.04 Processing and Handling
D37.05 Security and Transportation
D37.06 Personnel Training, Assessment, Credentialing
D37.07 Industrial Hemp
D37.90 Executive
D37.91 Terminology

The mirror committee is expected to meet four (4) times per year to review the standards for development that are under the work plan of ASTM D37 Cannabis.

Members of the committee are expected to review documents and circulate them within
their organization for suitable comments and feedback.

Members also share areas of concern for their organization, which requires standards development.

An orientation and launch of this new committee takes place on Friday, 22nd March 2019, at 9:30 am at the office of the SLBS, Bisee Industrial Estate Castries.


  1. I’m all for people being given the choice to smoke whatever they wish. I hope that when legislation is being drawn up they factor the effects on people who don’t smoke.

    • The worse use of marijuana is to smoke it. Marijuana is one of the best medicinal herb if not the best. (Thank God for it). Those who choose to smoke it that’s their business. The world should have never deprive it people from this God given medicinal herb. Would you be happy if bay leaf is made illegal tomorrow, because it is being smoked?

      • You do know what second had smoke is offensive and dangerous? I hate the stink of marijuana and should not have to be bombarded with it everywhere I go.

  2. We are slowly getting there,it looks complicated,and there are a lot of issues,but we need to decriminilize,and we need to create bussines and generate revenue for the country and all those that are going to produce the herb,smoking is not the best way to consume marijuana,but not all will have the capacity to set up complicated factories,to obtain some of the many derivatives of marijuana.

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