Bus Dog Set For New Home After Viral Photo


BBC News:- A dog photographed sitting alone and looking forlorn on a bus is set to get a new home after the picture was shared thousands of times on Facebook.

Gemma Burton snapped the melancholy mutt in Bradford and posted the image, which attracted hundreds of comments and was picked up by news websites.

The Staffie-cross was taken to a kennel and named Olive, after the character in the 70s sitcom On The Buses.

Olive’s owners did not come forward, so she will be rehomed as a rescue dog.

Last week, it was reported that a dog had got on a bus at Bierley Lane in Bradford by her herself.

Ms Burton said Olive “sat there peaceful as anything” after boarding the 620 service.

She said: “It seemed like she was sad because she was quiet. She was sniffing around for somebody.”

Passengers kept Olive on the bus, stopping her from getting off because they were worried she might have been hit by a car.

Ms Burton said it was a “shock” that so many websites had republished her picture.

“I would like her to be reunited with her owner if they’re missing her or put into the loving home she deserves,” she said.

When the bus reached Bradford Interchange, Olive was collected by a dog warden and taken to Cliffe Kennels, near Barnsley.

Owner Denise Ball said “a lot” of people had got in touch about Olive who will go to a new home in the “very near future”.

She said: “There’s only going to be one lucky person out of the inundation of calls but if they’re all serious about giving a dog a good home then they should go to one of Yorkshire’s bona fide rescue centres and take another dog.”


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