Bus driver held at gunpoint says bandits ‘lucky’

Bus driver, Titus Charles, of Hospital Road, who was held at gunpoint in the wee hours of this morning, has told the Times that the bandits who accosted him were ‘lucky’.

Charles recalled that four men boarded his bus at Gros Islet.

He said the bus already had two women passengers and another male.

The bus driver recounted that when he reached Marisule, one member of the group of four men announced that they wanted him to drive them to Balata.

“I told them I was not going to Balata,” Charles told the Times.

He said they kept insisting that he go where they wanted, but he kept repeating that he would not go.

Charles observed that one of the men “cranked” a pistol, held it to his head and demanded that he turn left into the road leading to Balata.

“I told him I am not going to Balata,” the bus driver declared.

He said that when he entered the roundabout at Choc, the gunman again demanded that he do what he was told.

Charles said he drove towards Castries and swung his vehicle sideways across the road.

“Nothing could pass,” he recalled.

“When I came out to find out what is their problem, I just see fellas start running – who run in the bush; then I went back in my vehicle,” Charles recounted.

He said the two women passengers fled, whilst the male who was not part of the group of four men remained.

Charles told the Times he believed that one of the women called the police.

“I myself, I called my partner and we went back and looked for them but I did not know that the police were on the scene,” he explained.

He noted that he and his “partner” found that the police had the bandits on the ground at gunpoint at Balata.

Asked if he was not afraid during his ordeal, his response was an angry:

“No man, these fellas can’t disrespect me like that. We had to go back and look for dem fellas so that they can know what time it is. You understand?”

According to Charles:

“Fellas working hard for their money and is that you all doing?”

Asked whether he and his partner were armed in any way, the bus driver told the Times that they could not have gone after the bandits “bare handed.”

“They just lucky that the police reach them before us,” Charles said.

He asserted that people must have respect for others who are trying to earn an honest living.