Bus Driver In Viral Confrontation Fined, Anger Management Encouraged

The Gros Islet bus driver who was involved in a confrontation with a female passenger last month has been fined and urged to seek counselling to assist him in controlling his temper, officials of the Gros Islet Minibus Association say.

Edmund Joseph, alias ‘Yellow’, appeared before the association’s Disciplinary Committee last week, along with the woman passenger, it was reported.

Their confrontation was recorded and posted on social media.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, ‘Yellow’ was found guilty in the incident and ordered to pay a fine of $500, failing which he will not be allowed to operate as a member of the Gros Islet Minibus Association.

An association official disclosed that the woman involved in the confrontation apologised for withholding the fare.

But the official told St Lucia Times that ‘Yellow’ refused to apologise to her.

It was explained that the errant bus driver previously operated on the Vieux Fort route and has been with the Gros Islet Minibus Association for about seven years, during which there had been a number of complaints against him.



    • Andrew, that’s a reasonable suggestion coming from you. But what you now advocate as a form of recourse (for the lady), after having paid the fare on entering the vehicle and only to receive this poor quality of service from a driver who is a stranger to the rules of safety and good manners.

    • I am in total agreement with Andrew Magloire … when purchasing travel arrangements, one pays BEFORE entering the car, plane, boat, etc. Pay as you are served. THEN – if shoddy service is rendered, then you can bring your case to the body which controls the service, and if a ticket was issued, the ticket is your proof of purchase.

      If government administration had taken up public transportation many, many, many years ago – we would not be in this situation/predicament where bus drivers take their passengers for the proverbial “ride”, and give us shoddy service. Bus services should have been implemented by the public service (government) from since after WWII.

  1. Commuters should not have to pay for bad service and if their safety is compromised. The lady was right not to pay that angry, rude, aggressive man! He should be fined more for his refusal to apologize! Just goes to show that he is a swine

  2. Kudos to the lady by the door.
    Respect each other.
    Why was he on his phone while driving? Too many bus drivers text and watch videos while driving.

  3. Trinidad .Grenada .St.Vincent .Martinique .Dominica.Gradaloupe .Antigua and Barbuda St.Kitts .All these Islands have Bus Conductors who Collects Monies from Passengers before the Bus leaves the Bus station or Bus Stop .Why St.Lucia Still have that old Shitstem .This is Not good at all .Example a passenger will Disembark gives the driver $50.for a Bus fare of $1.50.The driver will Search for $48.50.in his pouch to give the passenger that’s Foolishness.at every Stop with that process the Final Destination of that bus will take Hours .Its time St.Lucia adopt that Bus Conductor system

    • These islands bus services are government owned and run. That is one of the reasons why they have bus conductors and a comprehensive bus system. In St Lucia, our bus system is private owned.

  4. ,The Asociation can fine the driver,but dont think this is enough,the authorities should have passed a heavy fine on this driver or suspended his license for six months at least.

  5. As the saying goes “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance”. His anger cost him $500EC. Lesson to be learnt if he has not learnt it yet. We are free to act as we please but we are not free from the consequences of our actions.

  6. This man is a very arrogant person. Wrong or rite he will never apologise. He is from mon repos. All my life I have know this guy. And to say the truth that’s why he left the virus for bust stand. Next time just call him Sheppard. Lol.

  7. Why was “Yellow” banned from the Vieux Fort route? That is information that is missing from the story. He did not apologize even though he was found guilty. So this man has no remorse and is in train to commit another act. This time the Association will pay since they have knowledge of Yellow’s problem and his unrepentant attitude.

  8. The world has gone crazy. Peace and love has disappeared. Good behavior is a thing of the past. Confrontation and crudity has replaced resolving our conflicts or disagreements in an amiable and reasonable manner. That bus driver should have been banned for 6 months from operating. After that, any recurrence a year.

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