Bus Driver Shot, Robbed In New Village

A bus driver was ambushed by masked bandits near his home in New Village, Castries, where he was shot and robbed, according to residents of the community.

The victim was identified as Ignatius Jn Baptiste, who is said to be in his fifties.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times, Jn Baptiste had parked his bus and was taking a path towards his home when an undisclosed number of masked individuals pounced on him, shot him in the lower part of his body, robbed him and fled.

The wounded man was rushed to hospital in a private vehicle.

Residents report hearing at least four gunshots about 7.00 p.m.

One irate individual told St Lucia Times that it was outrageous that a hardworking man who tries to earn an honest living can be attacked in such a manner and said it was time that citizens take back this country from criminals who appear tom act with impunity in any place and at any time.

According to the individual, Saint Lucia needs Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) Part Two.

Under the now controversial ORC, several suspects were killed by Saint Lucia police between 2010 and 2011, leading to allegations of extra judicial killings and prompting the United States to suspend all forms of assistance to the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.


  1. I agree with u bring back orc. The USA went to squeeze us. Watch how many innocence black people are killed by their own police force and do this officers get any form of punishment no. It our country we in it we knows how it feeling

  2. Mary Francis Never utter a word about these. Shootings but if was police Shootings She would be on the police Force. like a. parasite

  3. I sympathize with the individual who got robbed. I say to bring back orc. I also say St. Lucians dont know what the hell they want. When the police doing their job they have a problem until it hit home.
    I haven’t heard hermangild come out to say a single thing. Just sad

  4. Ambush by masked men, shot and robbed! Are we in sweet St.Lucia, or are we in Hollywood?
    I hope the lawmakers of this country are working on something to deal with these out laws! The PM. Has no vision, hermanguild is dead, the police chief has no power; where do we go from here? Wake up my people; let’s take back our country where paradise was once found! Kenny you are evil, you deliberately mishandle your impax report that spread confusion in the land! Now here is the result! Are you happy about it? Miss Mary, are you awake?

    • You’re so ridiculous
      Every dam thing is so political in this country
      People dieing and it’s Kenny and chastanet come on you’ll need to stop

      • Missy, crime has a lot to do with the country’s governance so there is a link with the political affairs of the country. When Kenny was in power, Chastanet campaigned on he, Chastanet, will do a better job fighting crime. He has failed miserably. Why did you not say that Chastanet was being political? You did not, instead you rallied behind the message. You hypocrite.

    • Still blaming the bogey-man Kenny after 2 1/2 years since he lost power. The current PM said he would fixed it put pressure on him. Kenny has already gotten his punishment he lost the general elections and the leadership of the SLP. It’s time to move forward, go back 3 years ago everything bad was Kenny fault, now it’s the current PM turn

  5. I hate crime but when you look at the scenario in St Lucia crime will never stop as the workforce is being exploited the job s are not attractive enough why would a young man live secondary school and go work for a security company for 12 hours a day with one day off for less than 4:25 cents an hour or a hotel for a basic salary of 300 dollars and 2 points service charge a fortnight or at a gas station for 35 dollars a day and all they say is the young people do not want to work it is the system that is causing the crime I only hope when the Labour party gets back in power they address the minimum wage or we are just spitting in our face and calling it rain or spining top in mud

  6. Smh they suspend all aid to us but yet still we voted against venezuela to plz a country with more problems than the whole world. I saw nothing wrong with orc because these criminals need to be dealt with and sometimes jail time just dont cut it.

    • Angry st Lucian, all your points are spot on. I particularly like the one in relation to voting against Venezuela.

    • The reason for the vote against Venezuela is an attempt for the aid to recommence.

      However that alone wont work the Yanks want convictions.

  7. ORC was the best thing for the criminals. America cannot take care of their own business, they have no right to tell us what to do. Because of a few dollars from them we should be prisoners? Because of IMPACS the police hands are tied. This can’t be right. Mary Francis, where are you? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Guess you are looking for the bandits. I do hope the bus driver recovers from his wounds and emotional state.🙏🏾

  8. Crime is on the rise, and our small minded people in authority believe that getting bigger guns and more killing will fix this problem… well it will not. Yes we need ORC and we need it on a longer term, not just temporarily. However that is only part of the solution, gov needs to realize that we are breeding future generations of criminals, boys 13, 14, 15 are already deep into criminal activities, we as a nation need to invest more time & resources in stopping the criminals before they become criminals. While their minds are still impressionable, before they are 9 years old. Design programming & use established groups that give those kids an awareness of God & a sense of “respect for life”. When last parents kneeled down to pray with their kids? Fathers don’t tell their sons how work & earn & provide for their families… all the kids hear today is “gov not providing work so I must hustle on the block”, then this child will grow to be a father who says the same to his sons.

  9. ORC not a good idea, Extrajudicial killings has never solved problems anywhere in the world. What happen to the educated minds in St Lucia. Can they nit think f a way to prevent the rising crime rather than killing people;e suspected yet who may not be guilty of the crimes. So are we saying to kill anyone who is suspected of a crime? What do we have here, the OK Corral?
    Some people really need to think this thing through. This whole thing is madness!

    • Let’s stop repeating what we hear without really considering the facts. 1. How many innocent law abiding citizens were shot/harmed/killed by the police during ORC?
      2. How many innocent law abiding citizens are shot/harmed/killed by criminals?
      3. St Lucia is among the top 20 nations with the highest homocide rate (per 100,000people) … ask yourself why?

    • Let’s stop repeating what we hear without really considering the facts. 1. How many innocent law abiding citizens were shot/harmed/killed by the police during ORC?
      2. How many innocent law abiding citizens are shot/harmed/killed by criminals?
      3. St Lucia is among the top 20 nations with the highest homocide rate (per 100,000people) … ask yourself why?

  10. Crime affects everything else in the country. More resources and attention need to be given to the alarming, out of control crime situation in St. Lucia. Everyday there is another car theft, shooting, robbery, sexual assault. St. Lucia seems like an ungovernable country. There is an immediate need for more well-paying jobs, a better trained police force, better educational facilities, better parenting, civic and moral lessons in schools and a much more caring and competent government. How can we persist with a Minister of National Security who is completely clueless in crime fighting? The man is like a baker in a mechanic shop.

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