Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Bus Driver Traumatised After Castries Murder: ‘I Thought It Was A Toy Gun!’

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A Gros Islet bus driver who watched a gunman murder a colleague on Saturday morning in Castries is in shock.

Police identified the murder victim as Secretary of the Gros Islet Minibus Association, Hermia Lorde.

Eyewitnesses say a lone gunman shot Lorde multiple times shortly after 7:00 am before fleeing.

Gros Islet Bus Owners Urge Police To ‘Step Up’ After Murder Of Colleague

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It occurred in full view of early morning commuters at the Gros Islet bus stand.

A Gros Islet bus driver who spoke on condition of anonymity  told St Lucia Times that a stray bullet hit his vehicle.

He said his vehicle was  in line to receive passengers at the time.

“I saw the gentleman come and he pulled his gun, but in my mind I thought it was a toy gun,” the driver recalled.

As a result, he said he believed the man with the weapon was bluffing.

“But the man started bursting shots after the lady – he shot the lady in her head and then the man just fled the area,” the bus driver said.

However, he said it was not until he reached Gros Islet that he realised that a stray bullet hit his vehicle.

“One of my tyres was dropping air, so I went to check it out,” he revealed.

The driver said it was then he discovered that the vehicle had been hit.

He expressed the view that criminals have no respect for anyone.

“The number of people who were there and you know that Gros Islet is one of the hottest bus stops,” the driver stated.

“It’s chilling,” he asserted.

“Broad daylight like that, no mask – nothing.”

According to the driver, he shed tears because someone had gunned down his colleague in the City.

Police are investigating.

Headline photo: Crowd at murder scene




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