Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Bus Driver Who Was Victim Of Attack In Viral Video Speaks

A La Clery minibus driver who became the victim of an attack by another motorist in a video that has gone viral, has been speaking about the incident.

“I came from La Clery, so when I reached in town by the Marketing Board a driver was in front of me but he wanted to reverse and go inside the Marketing Board,” Gabriel Alexander, alias Gabs, recalled.

He told St Lucia Times he tried to make space for the vehicle that was reversing.

“I was behind him,” Alexander explained.

Gabriel Alexander alias ‘Gabs’

According to the La Clery minibus driver, the other motorist was not paying attention and scratched the minibus that was behind him.

“He himself did not even see that he knocked my vehicle,”  Alexander stated.

He however said that the other motorist claimed that things had happened the other way around and that he, Alexander, had hit the other vehicle.

Alexander said he subsequently went about his business but the other driver followed him  accusing him of being at fault.

Gabriel Alexander alias ‘Gabs’

“He bring a friend. The friend told me I have to pay for that. I told him I didn’t knock the fellow. He was the one who reversed and knocked me. It was a little scratch. That was not a thing to call the police or anything,” the La Clery bus driver recalled.

He said the other driver left.

But Alexander said when he reached La Clery by the junction near the former Wintrades Supermarket, a vehicle pulled in front of his.

“I never recognised that it was the same guy,” he told St Lucia Times.

“He come after me and tell me I have to pay. I tell him ‘I don’t owe you because I did not knock you. I don’t owe you all because is your driver that knock me,” Alexander stated.

He said as he was speaking, the man began punching him.

Alexander said because of the type of seat belt in his vehicle, it was difficult to free himself because it had tightened on him.

“I try and protect himself from him knocking me and at the same time I try and release the seat belt, “he explained.

“Other people came. They tried to push him and things like that. They push him, then he came back again behind me, then I try my best to see what I could do to protect myself.”

Alexander admitted that his efforts at self defence included reaching for a cutlass in his vehicle which fell from his hands.

He said after the incident he sought medical attention and made a report to the police.

(Story updated to correctly reflect alias)


  1. Hope this a****** got arrested and the courts deal with him accordingly. The man should be a licensed firearm holder.

    • Thank God he wasn’t. Otherwise the firearm may have been pelted as opposed to fired..man lost a whole cutlas and never attempted to come out of his vehicle when his fellow bus driver came to his aid.

      However, I hope the law deals with the miscreants…license plate is clearly visible.

    • Well good that we have more cameras. Let us see if the police will say for this video that they not certain if it is in St.Lucia. An example must be made of the aggressor. If he believes his car was hit, then he should have called in the police. These savages must be STOP!

  2. The law states you must report any vehicular accident. No matter how small. First thing wrong here is that you didn’t report it. However, I empathize with you.

  3. I know the La Clery minibus driver. He is one on the most respectful and decent driver on the route. After going away with the damage done to his vehicle he should have never been treated that way. And to make it worse, all of this was done in close proximity to the La Clery Wellness Center and the secondary school. It’s such a shame that an adult aggressor can behave like this with an honest service man in the eyes of our adolescent children; such a shame.

  4. He aggressor should get a dose of police brutality in his tutu. Then we will hear him crying out for justice. Man a stern bag to you what goes around comes around . S*** heads like that later on you find them dead in a drain.

  5. Karma is a bitch what goes around comes back around,no one is allowed to take accident matters into their hands

  6. It’s sad about this situation but it’s like there is no law in this land now the criminals have taken over.. The other bus driver that tried to help him was also hit.. This is our sweet St.Lucia .. One of the guys just came from prison..And they were 4 of them ..Give the police there rights back to put those criminals back where they belong.

  7. What have st.lucia became 😓its sad🖒but we there like we got no laws .
    And we neex to stop these crimes..fights and etc..

  8. The other driver has wrong because even if the bus driver drove off, he should’ve stayed on the accidemt scene and call the police. Get the plate # and wait. They should charge the driver. Who are you to knock God’s child.

  9. There will always be war because nobody is badder than anybody the driver has bad boys familys too trust me let’s roll the ball

  10. Advice to people being attacked in a vehicle: hold the assailants hand and drive off if you can.

  11. That La Clery mini bus driver is so cool, and pleasant. Am sorry that happened to you. I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice, and is dealt with accordingly.

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