Bus Drivers Respond To Mayor’s Concern Over Sidewalk Parkers

Saint Lucia’s  National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), has responded to concerns expressed Monday by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, over illegal parking on City sidewalks.

Francis declared in a statement that City Police would be cracking down on the practice which damages the sidewalks and obstructs pedestrians.

The Mayor explained that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) has been slapped with lawsuits from persons who have been injured as a result of damaged sidewalks.

NCOPT President, Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that he does not support persons parking on sidewalks.

However Ferdinand asserted that when traffic laws are implemented, alternatives should be provided for motorists.

“We have a lot of vehicles in the City and there are no alternatives and it seems that we are still abiding by the same old regulations and the Traffic Act that we’ve been using for donkey years,” the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times.

“We need to review it, and after review do some enforcement of the law,” Ferdinand explained.

He asserted that there’s need to examine the issue of parking in the City and comprehensive road networking.

Ferdinand also expressed the view that there’s need for more laybys.

He said he was ‘taken aback’ by the situation where road barriers were erected at Faux a Chaud.

While acknowledging that the initiative was good in terms of the safety of road users, the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times that no consideration was given to pedestrians or to vehicles which may experience breakdowns.

“If a vehicle breaks down it will just have to stay on the side of the road,” Ferdinand observed.

He expressed the view that there should be shoulders or emergency stopping lanes where motorists can pull over in the event of breakdowns to avoid traffic jams.



  1. What an idiot. Shoulders ? Mate must be living in a foreign country where there are 6 lane highways

    Of course it is always best if these amenities can be provided …. IF there is available real estate on either side of the highway to do so, which there clearly is not in our case

    sometimes I wonder if these people think before they speak or just push out whatever nonsense first comes to mind

  2. Sir, side walks are for pedestrians, and you can’t change that in no traffic laws; say something else, or say nothing!

  3. Its funny how we like going to these developed countries wherw there is a sense of law and order, yet we continuously undermine efforts to bring the same law and order to our own. Why must black people turn every land they setrlw into a chaotic slum. Why cant we have nice things for our selves instead of destory. Come on you chimps, its time to walk on two legs like the rest of the world. Stop trying to make our little island resemble some ahithole in Africa.

    • “Come on you chimps it’s time to walk on two legs like the rest of the world. Stop trying to make our little island resemble some ahithole in Africa”. It should be a crime to be illiterate and ignorant a this level.

      • Y’all act like animals. Someone point it out. Yet you call them ignorant. You’re highlighting the point exactly. There is no order in this country. Anyone does whatever they want however they want whenever they want. No consideration for consequences of others. I’m fully in support of the Mayor’s crackdown on “the little things”. It all adds up Mayor. Keep it up.

  4. Way to go Mr. Mayor. You seem to be the only one with political will to effect any change here.
    Ferdinand represents a large lawless group so he will oppose any move towards law and order.

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