Bus drivers to propose fare hike, rebates to government

Bus drivers plan to present two options to the government to compensate them for rising fuel prices, the national Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has disclosed.

The NCOPT said the Allen Chastanet administration will be asked to consider either granting a fare increase or rebates.

The President of the umbrella body that represents the bus drivers, Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that separate meetings involving the executive of the NCOPT and the general council of the organisation are scheduled for next week with Transport Minister, Guy Joseph.

The meeting between the executive and Joseph is slated for Monday, with the session between the minister and the general council carded for later in the week.

“As it stands, the proposal that we have and one that is agreed to by the general council is a rebate, but we will submit a rebate proposal to the government and also a fare increase – so the minister will have both proposals. The general council agreed to the rebate in terms of the majority, however we are putting both options to the government,” Ferdinand explained.

He said he expects the minister, himself a former President of the NCOPT who knows the public transport sector well, to handle the matter expeditiously.

“Based on the fact that he is meeting both the executive and the general council next week, we know that he wants to do something and like we have stated, we do not want a confrontation, we want smooth negotiations,” Ferdinand told St Lucia Times.



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