Bus Operators Frustrated After Latest COVID-19 Protocol Adjustments

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Declaring that the authorities ignored them in the latest adjustments in Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 protocols, bus operators say they are frustrated and were expecting to get permission to increase current passenger loads from ten to thirteen.

“The bus operators are saying thirteen at least and later move to full capacity,” Godfrey Ferdinand, President of the National Council On Public Transportation (NCOPT) disclosed.

Ferdinand told St Lucia Times that NCOPT members feel the authorities are not considering them and are using them as ‘sacrificial lambs’ regarding whatever science influences the COVID-19 protocol decisions.

As a result, the bus operators have requested that their umbrella organisation arrange a meeting with the authorities to discuss the matter of passenger loads.

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“We have sought a meeting with the authorities and are awaiting a date,” the NCOPT President said.

On Thursday, Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste announced the adjusted COVID-19 protocols covering February 19 to March 4.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Belair Farmer and Economist let me rearrange your ignorance as someone who has an intimate knowledge of the air line industry the two if you speak clearly from a point of ignorance .. If I am wrong I will openly came back and say so .

    Do you know at what age some airline charges full price for a Child?

    Are you aware that after age two some airline charges full price for ticket. although the norm is usually age 12??

    Do you know that an airline may have a hundred person passenger and all these tickets are priced at a different rate some as much as few hundreds of dollars more than the person you sitting next to?

    Weight to fuel consumption ratio is correct .tell me how much fuel you will save carrying ten children at half price to make a profit plus ignoring wear and tear??

    Sorry sirs you have misalignment in you thought process.

    I am repeating an economic term supply and demand that is why you find most children items are price at a higher rate than the normal size . kids portion does not mean that you paying less.

    Finally, an airline would rather you pay $500 for a sit that is worth $1000 instead of flying with it empty.

    Hope you learn something if you have the capacity to .

  2. For all those crying for bus drivers, you can ask anyone traversing any route in St Lucia and you will get the same response. Absolutely no driver during the pandemic observed that protocol. Buses have always been at full capacity and sometimes overloaded cause a driver would ask a passenger or two to have a little squeeze cause a passenger or two will be stopping just over there. A few have sanitizer onboard but most don’t. Mr Ferdinand is crying for no apparent reason, I think he just wants to be noticed.

  3. Godfrey since you were so against everything chas said… you were hoping that pip would come save you. We’ll go beg him to pay the difference for bus drivers… I’m happy to see you and Ipa crying now. We love poverty, we missed it hence the reason we had to bring the little black bit from Marchand back. Good luck…. Will blocking my ears from the cries .
    It’s hard for everyone now not just you. Before both parents were working now it’s one or big out of work… all because you’ll missed poverty

  4. The point is bus drivers are disrespectful and undisciplined. They are already carrying full load for weeks now even though the authorities asked them not do so. So why bother tell them. They are already doing it. Guess it is okay.

  5. The tourist coaster buses are always bursting at their sims in capacity. The planes travelling for hours are at full capacity. Why can’t the buses be at full capacity for half to 1 hour. Smh
    This is all about control and it’s time we the people of St Lucia start protesting all these restrictions.

  6. @Belair Farmer that can’t plan a rice grain /Hunter/Unknown/Very Concerned….just the start up cost of implemting a government run transportation system would cost millions….in these trying times created by person who has left this country in a financial sink hole with their “quick rich scheme” it would not be feseable for the taxes payers forfit revenues to venture…I am quite sure your White God would diffrer and he would venture out again to panhandle with his yellow tin cup for another one his colossal failure.

  7. Well, there is no Recall Election in the Caribbean to my knowledge, so persons who are elected can rest easy knowing that by the time the next election comes around, the game of giving out little pittance to win the election can be played again.

  8. Government is always operating at a loss that is why they keep borrowing and borrowing. For those who think that a governmeny run bus is a no no.
    When the government vehicles damage or need replacement like police vehicles, ministers, top officials equipments, paid travel for officials hospitals and office equipments etc etc. Who is paying for it? When it comes to doing for our own tax payers there always seems to be a problem but it is okay for the public sectors to enjoy and pass the bill on us. Some of you listen to yourselves. It is the government job to look for business and the profits given to us the citizens. We are not benefiting enough from our tax dollars as far as I see it. We are just wasting it on unnecessary stuffs. We need a few government operated buses. Both private and gov’t are okay but giving one (private) is too much power.

  9. Ok…so Godfrey is absolutely right by claiming that his sector is always the sacrificial lamb when it comes to covid! Both administrations have showed preference for hotels restaurants schools supermarkets stores etc but tend to neglect the fact that public-privately owned transport is very very important to recovery. They should be assisted in that regard….is there social distancing at the supermarket? No!!! On another note bus drivers incur more maintenance cost by driving recklessly…speed and hard braking especially gros islet route….that is not a sustainable business model..unless they own parts stores.

  10. @Hunter, you “talk with a full level of ignorance not knowing” anything better. @Economist has correctly responded to you. You mean you don’t even know that the age of a child is considered in selling an airline ticket ( does not even have to be regulated). @ Hunter, what illiterate comment is this – “then I will respect all illiterate statement made on this platform”? Respect illiterate comment??????? Illiterate Comment???????? Wow. You must have gone to the same school as The Most Disagreeable Lucian Highgrade.

  11. Those who calling for government to ” take over” the bus system I hope they are prepared to pay more taxes for the government to do so most of these clowns don’t even ride public transport but they make the most noise. Every public transport operated by the government in this region operates at a lost..

  12. Hunter if you know anything about vehicles you would know weight affects fuel consumption. A bus load of preschoolers will not consume the same amount of fuel as a bus load of adults. Fuel is the biggest recurrent cost so the reduced price makes sense for that group. Ask bus drivers how many hours a day they actually spend doing actual bus work. For most of the day they sit there doing nothing. Maybe they should do something in the off peak times to make money. You cannot work 2 hours a day and expect to earn the same income of someone working 8. No one runs a business at a loss year after year and still continue to be in that business. That is beyond madness. Any bus driver that is saying that is a damn liar.

  13. There is a love hare relationship between bus driver and commuters.

    When stranded a bus is like a gift from heaven , under normal circumstances a bus driver is the most hated by commuters.

    I wish to see all those calling for car pull and government run busses pay the car owner $100 -$300 a month or government up to 150.00 a month.

    We talk with a full level of ignorance not knowing how costly it is maintain a bus.

    Tell me which business place that is regulated for children to pay half price for the service offered from pree school to University to supermarket, to utility company, mobile credit, etc ,ice cream palour and candy shop, etc etc . and then I will respect all illiterate statement made on this platform.

    • On Monchy – Castries route is full load. These drivers have absolutely no regard for covid protocol. Clients are practically held-up for ransom. Smh.

  14. Y’all people asking for guvment to take over the bus system. Ask yourself, how efficient is the public sector in doing anything?

  15. Time for government to take over the public transportation system. I am tired of these greedy, rude and selfish bus drivers. People need to start car pooling in their bubble and leave these bus drivers to carry a half load or no load at all. Tired of them

    • The Bus Drivers earn More monies presently .They Have a Rotation Shitstem In place.They Transport 15Passengers .No Hand Sanatanizer onboard .So the Hell Ferdinand is talking about .Government Should Not award them Nothing .They are too Greedy

  16. We are a set of selfish ungrateful set of people in this country everyone for themselves.No one consider the bus drivers are in the crisis just like everyone else.They have comments to but you all only see with one eyes.I don’t think you all know and not even the bus drivers know how much power they have.No bus move island wide and the business sector is dead no one will be able to come to work banks,stores, government workers,school children all will have to walk if these bus driver pull a serious strike.So consider others and stop being selfish set of people.

  17. Those drivers really have guts.. not one driver ever drove with 10 passengers rather a full load after they were ask to carry 10… youll don’t deserve shit

  18. The bus drivers have been running full load after the government ask them to carry 10 so it’s a lie they can come on news and complain.god will punish you’ll liar’s,now this is the private business I’m ready for a government bus service tired

  19. But Godfrey your drivers are already carrying full load of passengers without the approval of the authorities I thought your drivers were their own boss and don’t need permission or approval.
    All day bus drivers caries more the 10 passengers. If you see morning g after work during rush hours they are taki g more than 15. On weekends full capacity because police are not working.

  20. Good, happy to see them hurting. All busses should be removed and the transport sector taken over by the government. There are no standards, these vehicles are not fit to be used to transport the public. Where is the emergency exit? Where are the maintenance schedules? Huh ?

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