Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Bush Fire Threatens Striking Firefighter’s Residence

An early morning bush fire in Dennery which threatened the residence of a member of the Saint Lucia Fire Service, was extinguished by firefighters, Assistant Divisional Officer, David Antoine has said.

Dennery residences that were in the path of the bush fire

The fire occurred after, it was disclosed.

Antoine said firefighters from the Dennery Fire Station responded.

“On arrival, they were able to extinguish the blaze,” he told St Lucia Times.

Antoine disclosed that the firefighter whose home was threatened assisted in fighting the fire.

Aftermath of bush fire

According to Antoine, that firefighter was among those who have been on strike.

He said firefighters were also involved in extinguishing another bush fire that threatened residences at Fond D’Or.

“These fire officers also responded to a medical emergency at Grande Ravine, Dennery this morning. On arrival they assessed and treated an individual who was subsequently transported to the Dennery Polyclinic,” Antoine told St Lucia Times.


    • you smell a rat because you are smelling yourself. This is a dry time of year idiot in case you don’t live here. The fire could have been started by natural causes but took time to grow. why do St Lucian people always have to behave like imbeciles.

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong. But do Bush fire occur at such time in the wee hours of the morning
    Suspicious much

    • they can start anytime and the word is not occur. Bush fires ignite, start, flare up not OCCUR. Go back to school.

      • Before you send me back to school Moran think before u write crap.
        Have you heard of synonyms?
        Guess not!
        Bush fire can occur as well punk

      • Bushfire will occur when there is sufficient dry fuel to burn, weather conditions are hot, dry and windy, and there is a source of ignition, such as lightning.

      • bushfire will occur when there is sufficient dry fuel to burn, weather conditions are hot, dry and windy, and there is a source of ignition, such as lightning.

    • Bush fires are caused through friction
      Dry twigs rubbing against each other in high winds
      Is there a special time for that Occupance

  2. The Firefighters were on strike but can come out to put out a fire that allegedly threatens a colleagues home. That shows you that those guys don’t care about the public only themselves.

    • “He said firefighters were also involved in extinguishing another bush fire that threatened residences at Fond D’Or.”

  3. James Prospers, have respect for the people who do not share your opinion. Coincidently it is a striking fire fighter’s house. Wow.

    • Doesn’t James Prospers have an opinion too? Should you not respect his opinion even though he attacked someone else’s opinion.

      4me, there are foolish opinions! Not everything you think must be verbalized. If it doesn’t add value to the discussion, and if it creates strife it should not be said.

      This is one island; we are all family whether we are blood relatives or not.

      The opinion that you are defending, how does it add value?

      Upon reading my response you may feel that I have attacked you. If that is the case, ask yourself why that is so.

      Let’s change the way we think, speak, and interact with each other.

  4. I read this and thought it unfortunate that firefighters are putting everyone at risk by going on strike. It is further unfortunate that a firefighter’s home was threatened by fire. Had it been the house of someone other than a firefighter, would the individual have gotten much assistance? What would be the action of the firefighter whose house was threatened had it been another house? I am grateful to the firefighters who are not on strike. I will lift you up in prayer to the Lord and hope that your concerns are dealt with.

    I am of the opinion that it may be a few firefighters who are on strike trying to plant a seed in the mind of the public saying that this occurrence is suspicious.

    Yes it is your opinion, but a foolish one at that.

    That’s my opinion!

  5. The truth is there was only one fire fighter doing the firefighting. And it was the same fire fighter who’s house was threatened. And he also handled both fires early in the morning. And Yes I saw it all. And this is the whole truth every one.
    The fires happens in that area ever dry season, and it can happen at any time. The is due to the natural lemon grass plantation in the area, and lemon grass is very flammable.
    So guys stop lashing at each other.
    Just one love in our comments.

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