Business Owners Warned Against Distracted Security Guards

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Amid a recent surge in armed robbers at various business establishments, business owners have been urged to take measures to protect themselves from criminals who use the requirement to wear COVID-19 masks as a cover to commit crime and to be wary of allowing security guards to become distracted.

Speaking Tuesday night on MBC Prime, Acting Inspector Shervon Matthieu observed that masks can create a problem for business establishments.

“I know we are in this pandemic and you have to wear the mask, but a lot of persons have taken the advantage of wearing that mask and going to commit a robbery,” Matthieu stated.

But using the Bank of Saint Lucia at Gros Islet, the community where he is stationed, as an example that should be copied, he noted that the security guard on duty asks the visitor to sanitise.

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“He doesn’t sanitise your hand – this is something I would like some of the business places to stop. Do not have your security guard at the front door sanitising people, that’s not his job – we need to stop allowing security guards to sanitise persons’ hands. There are different mechanisms in place right now to allow persons to sanitise their hands on their own,” Matthieu noted, as he indicated that while a security guard is sanitising visitors, the guard is distracted.

The Acting Inspector noted that in the case of the Bank of Saint Lucia Gros Islet branch, there’s a sanitiser and cameras.

“You pull down your mask, you sanitise, you check your temperature, you go in,” Matthieu explained.

According to the Acting Inspector of Police, requiring visitors to a business establishment to lower their masks would determine whether they are up to no good.

“They would think twice,” Matthieu asserted.

He also saw the need for tougher bail and sentences against criminals, more CCTV cameras in and around the capital, more police officers and increased police mobile and foot  patrols.

In addition, Matthieu expressed the view that business establishments that have been targetted by criminals should provide counselling for victims of armed robberies.

“Be proactive,” he urged business owners, adding that they should ensure adequate access control by not allowing “anybody and everybody” walk into their store.

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