Workers at St Lucia Civil Service Cooperative Credit union have returned to work after walking off the job last week over concerns of health and safety.

The workers took industrial action after complaining of a lingering foul odour in the building which they say made the work environment unsafe and led some people to develop headaches, according to their bargaining agent, the St Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA).

According to the CSA, a health and safety expert attached to the Labour Department visited the credit union and made recommendations on how to resolve the problem.

Those recommendations have begun to be implemented to the satisfaction of all concerned, according to Mc Stepen Aubertin, Assistant General Secretary of the Civil Service Association.

“The credit union has taken all his (health and safety expert) recommendations seriously and over the weekend, they have done a lot of work. They have removed carpets, they have sanitized, they have removed tiles, and so on,” Aubertin said.

The report of the Health and safety expert, the CSA said, concludes that the top floor of the credit union could only be partially occupied while client traffic must be controlled on the lower floor owing to poor air conditioning.

“I must tell you, based on our discussions with the management of the credit union, they are doing, like I said, everything to ensure the workers have an environment where they can work so that they credit union can be profitable so they workers then can get a reasonable salary increase,” Aubertin added.

The CSA and the credit union are now engaged in discussions on a new a collective bargaining agreement.


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