The General Secretary of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA), Claude Paul, has said that several members of the Island’s largest trade union have expressed concern that their pensions may be at risk.

“We have received a number of calls from our members,” Paul disclosed.

His comments come against the backdrop of a controversy over a  request by the Government of Saint Lucia to the National Insurance Corporation (NIC), for a $100 million bridging finance facility.

“Our concern here is with the NIC board, to ensure that they exercise the necessary due diligence to make sure that things are in order and that they are not taking unnecessary risks with the pension fund and the benefits of our members,” the  CSA  General Secretary explained.

Paul, in an interview Friday, declared that the CSA would not be drawn into a discussion of government policy.

“Where it is possible for us to comment on matters affecting workers, we will do that. We don’t necessarily get involved in the politics of the state,” he explained.

According to Paul, the main concern of the CSA relates to matters impacting its members and workers.

He observed that the CSA will remain vigilant and urge its members to keep on the watch to ensure that their rights are protected.

This week, the NIC issued a statement expressing concern about public misinformation regarding the bridging finance request from the government.

“ We would like to assure all stakeholders, including contributors, pensioners, employees, and other service providers, that we would not take any decision that would either impair the Corporation’s ability to discharge its obligations in the normal course of business, or adversely impact the long-term viability of the Corporation,” a statement from the NIC said.




  1. You people need to be more responsible and stop pushing and causing rifts among our people. The government and NIC have sought to stop the lies contained in the press release. Yet, for obvious political points, you keep hammering on a dead issue. Stop using the authority given to you by the civil servants to achieve your goal. Stop trying to divide our people and country including welfare of you loved ones.

  2. SLP is utilizing all their barking dogs to spread propaganda because they know that the way the economy is performing well their chances of getting back in power is slim an nil and slim is out of town.

  3. Maybe its because they feel that they really have not worked hard enough for it. These are the same people who expect to qualify for a pay increase. A bunch of “moppers!” …with a few good workers thrown in between.

  4. Geez! The ignorance in this country. CSA and SLP stop putting a negative spin on what has been going on time immemorial. Take a look at NIC financial to see how much in bonds your pension is already invested in. NIC is just another tax. If I had my way, I would do away with this scheme. But… this loan is nothing new or noteworthy.

  5. Stop commenting on people’s opinion, rather comment of the main issue. Let’s say it as we see it. Unless if you are all politrickstions. .

  6. Well St. Lucians it look like we have more politicians among our population that there are in cabinet. Can we please stop with the politics and start putting our country and people first? One said about NIC having investments in bonds so what wrong with them giving the government a loan. Please realise having investments in bonds is different from granting the government a loan. With the bond investments NIC is sure to get rerepayment with interest upon maturing of those bonds but with the government current fiscal position there is no surety that we will be able to sell bonds to repay NIC the loan within such a short period of time. Secondly bonds attract more interest that what Chastanet is proposing. Short term loans attract more interest because of the higher risk attached to it. Please st. Lucians read and educate yourself before you decide to defend what is happening in this country. Let’s try to be neutral.

  7. Love St Lucia so much on one hand conveniently the St Jude’s board is right on all they say about St Jude’s and now the NIC board cant be trusted. It’s comedy of the highest level. All who are siding with the St Jude’s board can u now side with the NIC board too. As for me I side with the great God of heaven and I trust him to keep our beloved St Lucia. Be genuine and honest and love this land god has bless us with!

  8. I don’t know how much this Paul man is being paid to mislead st.Lucian’s for the SLP government. Give it up, we can all see you’re being vindictive. You are so blatantly SLP. When the SLP borrowed won’t u worried for our money? U’ re only concerned now?. Pleaseeee!!!

  9. Wow wow wow Popie! You’re the one talking so much nonsense even after the government and NIC have stated the facts? Awah man, I can’t believe you even believe the nonsense you’re putting out there. What a damn shame.

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