Claude Paul

The Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA)  has informed its  members that  the union’s negotiating team will meet with the Government Negotiating Team on Thursday August 16, 2018.

That meeting will discuss the non-financial terms and conditions of employment in respect of the General Service, CSA General Secretary, Claude Paul, said in a notice to trade union members.

According to the notice, on Thursday August 23, 2018 the CSA will meet the government team for negotiations in respect of              Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

“Following those meetings, CSA will call out members to a special general meeting to provide an update of the negotiations and to make plans for the next stage, which will involve wage and salary negotiations,” it stated.

The notice urged members to take note that the CSA remains “ever vigilant” and will continue to provide quality representation for all of its members.



  1. Chastenet already say before the negotiations even began no increase money is for climate good luck with that. Like he said the country is broke while ubaldus has his pants down everywhere offering young girls tax payers money. Lord Jesus help st. Lucia.

  2. Wasn’t that guy who destroyed the Customs Department under Kenny. Now he want to use the CSA to finish destroying St Lucia with Kenny.

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