The Minister for Commerce Industry and Investment Bradley Felix says the feedback has been positive with regards to a National Service Policy that was passed by cabinet last year.

Work on the policy, which is meant to provide the framework for the growth and development of the services sector in St Lucia, started in 2014.

The project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and is being led by the St Lucia Coalition of Service Industries with oversight from the Ministry of Commerce and Trade.

The initiative focuses on the potential of four broad areas, namely, Health and Wellness, the Creative Industries, ICT and the Professional Service Sector, to grow St Lucia’s economy.

“I am very happy to report that since we have passed that National Service Policy, the traction that we have been receiving, the feedback has been extremely positive,’ Felix said. “And again, I want to highlight the amount of work that has been done by the St Lucia Coalition of Service Industries in assisting the Ministry in where we are today.”

The Ministry is now discussing the incentives that will be provided to the services sector in order to improve its competitiveness.

Yvonne Agard, Director of the St Lucia Coalition of Service Industries, said the passage of the policy by Cabinet was an important milestone. She added that the organization is now looking forward to the implementation of the national services policy so that businesses in St Lucia can begin to reap the benefits.