There appears to be trouble brewing between the National Workers Union and St Jude Hospital.

The NWU has written to St Jude Hospital’s Human Resource Manager Andrew Piltie, demanding a meeting within ten days, “failing which you will be held responsible.”

In the letter dated, June 16, 2016, the NWU states that prior to Piltie’s appointment the union and the hospital were engaged in a reclassification process that would have resulted in a more justifiable wage structure for all of our members.

The union added that a review of the industrial agreement felt that St. Jude Hospital as a statutory body must be able to do many things on its own

The NWU said it was asked to exercise patience, however the workers, it adds, are now becoming restless and angry.

“We asked Management to display a higher level of sensitivity as it relates to the environmental challenges confronted by the workers at the institution. We also requested that favouritism be a thing of the past and that the results of training, appraisals, skills and capacity should be used to fill vacancies and provide opportunity for promotion going forward,” the letter stated.

It added, “While we continue to wait, employees are becoming restless and angry with attempts by Management to pursue matters without engaging the NWU.”

The letter was copied to Health & Wellness Minister, Senator Mary Isaac.


  1. The NWU is a family business. Tyrone President, the deputy is his God Child, his wife has a prominent job and other relatives have key positions. Riding the backs of workers.

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