There is a split among bus drivers under the umbrella National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), over the issue of whether there should be a push for a fare increase, it has been reported.

NCOPT President, Godfrey Ferdinand, has disclosed that the  minister with responsibility for transportation, Guy Joseph, has agreed to meet soon with the organisation’s general council and its executive to discuss the way forward.

According to the NCOPT, there is an agreement with the government for a fare increase once fuel prices go past $12. 75 a gallon, which happened with the most recent fuel hikes.

“There are drivers that would want a bus fare increase and there are drivers that would want a rebate – or should I say, subsidies, but the only time we would know which one is in effect is after we have had the general council meeting with the minister and a vote,” the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times.

Ferdinand explained that the majority vote would hold sway.

He told St Lucia Times that bus drivers expect the meeting with minister Guy Joseph would take place before the next fuel price adjustments are announced on Monday, May 14, 2018.


    • Why not give them a raise ? The drivers fighting for what they want , the rest of us should in the country should follow their lead and do the same , strike like Martinique did and demand what we want . But don’t fight an other brother for getting his own

  1. I bet you is the hungry labahs who has no regards for country are the ones pushing for the increase. How am i not surprise. For those who have chosen to forgo the increase, ,may god continue to bless you. There is still hope in this country. Collectively we can sacrifice to make this country a better place for all. Thank you

    • So what’s wrong with “Labahs” wanting? Y’all marched for what y’all wanted though it was a fictional percentage on gasoline.

  2. Our salaries never increase.I live home on a morning,and when I get to the belle vue gap I does wonder if its a holiday .This is to show the bus drivers that there are no jobs.why they always want increase not the only ones in the road .

  3. See why we will go no where. There was a March against the so-called $6.80 Kenny stole from us according to Chastenet and Guy, I am sure this idiot attended now you target time get SLP as the one else pushing bus drivers. San Hont.

  4. Yeah man give them the increase, give the workers their increase and everyone who wants an increase give it to them. Meanwhile the privately owned companies aren’t giving their workers any increase so when the government has to now increase taxes to match the salary increase that was just given they will be the ones suffering. In my opinion salary increases are necessary but not when it’s a tool to stabilize the country and a government. Do you really believe increases help the workers? when it is given all they have to do is raise tax to take back the monies that was just given. But who am I to talk about it I’m just an idiot support uwp or labor if they were in power. Why you think we got the 15% vat? Because Kenny used the workers need for a 14.2% increase to try and get King and company to fail and when King accepted and he came in he had to find ways to still pay and keep making money from the taxes. I wish they would give us an increase and Chast would raise the vat to 30% lets see who will be happy. I want them to strike and march too let me see the real instigators behind it too.

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