Businesses Urged To Invest In Armed Guards Amid Spate Of Robberies

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A Sergeant of Police is encouraging business establishments in Saint Lucia to invest in armed security guards as one measure to protect themselves from robberies.

Sergeant Shervon Matthieu spoke Monday night during an interview with Hot 7 Television news, against the backdrop of a spate of armed robberies of business establishments.

Matthieu, who describes himself as a ‘Cop who cares’, says there are benefits to having an armed security guard or an off-duty police officer performing security duties at a business place.

“Having an armed guard creates a higher sense of security,” he explained, adding that such a presence would make any would-be bandit think twice about committing a robbery.

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“Armed guards are supposed to be vigilant, so they are able to spot crime or persons lurking around and an armed guard serves as a first line of defence,” Matthieu noted.

He said the guards, once well trained, know exactly what to do to safely apprehend a culprit.

But Matthieu also observed that having CCTV cameras can help in enhancing security at a business place.

And he highlighted the need for employees and customers to remain calm during a robbery, cooperate with the robbers and be very observant so that they may be able to provide the police with information to assist an investigation.

“Always remember that when those persons come to rob, they seldom come to hurt persons unless there is some form of resistance,” Matthieu told Hot 7 TV News.

“More than 90 percent of the time they only come for the money – the daily earnings. That’s basically what they come for and they quickly get out,” he stated.

In terms of dealing with crime, Matthieu observed that there’s need for a holistic approach that should include stiffer penalties for robberies.

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