Businessman Donates Ventilators To Saint Lucia For Use In COVID-19 Fight

Saint Lucia has taken a great leap forward in the fight against COVID-19 following the donation of ventilators to treat COVID-19 patients. 

More in this report from Fernelle Neptune:

The Ministry of Health & Wellness recently received the generous donation of ventilators from English businessman Roger Myers. 

The donation of ventilators is expected to provide Saint Lucia with the flexibility in treating patients affected by COVID-19. 

Roger Myers applauded the Government of Saint Lucia for the work undertaken to battle COVID-19 on island and says he is pleased to play a significant part in this effort.

“We purchased these units from a company called Avante Medical Supplies in Kentucky and I have never tried to buy anything before anybody else in the world trying to buy. It was so difficult. I purchased eleven and the people of Avante donated a further unit, a portable one that may be used for emergencies. I think the twelve about doubles the capacity on island. I am not sure but what I have been told. My real prayer is that this is a complete waste of money and they never need it.”

Minister for Health Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac commended Roger Myers on his efforts to provide such valuable contribution towards Saint Lucia’s response to COVID-19. 

“It is quite a sacrifice and it is an immense gift to us the people of Saint Lucia that Mr. Myers is making here this morning. He even got a lot emotional saying that he hopes that we never have to use those machines. These machines cost when you check the shipping as well, in excess of US $25, 000 and we are getting twelve of these machine.”

Consultant Anesthesiologist Dr. Becky Jno Baptiste expressed heartfelt gratitude for the ventilators and says it will go a long way in saving the lives of patients.

“I would like to thank Mr. Roger Myers on behalf of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care for this gallant and timely gesture. As we all know from the plethora of reports and news articles, mechanical ventilators are integral component in the management of patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome, from severe COVID-19 disease. While, we pray that no citizen will be diagnosed with this condition, these ventilators will now be added to our arsenal as COVID-19 remains a threat to us all.”

The Ministry of Health will receive a total of twelve ventilators to be utilized in the Intensive Care Units. 



  1. Lmao look a good spin for the PM get your buddy to donate while giving you a good reference lmao… Good come back

  2. When he was in bed with the former prime minister when he won the previous election everyone kept their trap shut
    So two can play the game.

  3. St.Lucian , I am very concern about all the talk these days about foreigners. It’s not fair as many St. Lucians are foreigners in many countries.

    We are consultants, major business persons and get government projects in these countries and guess what people in these countries are now reciting FFF. I hope people know what they are pushing, both parties will need the FOREIGNER

    We are a small open economy and can’t survive without foreign direct investments FDI, please don’t muddy the investment climate. Foreign investors are listening and watching and will not invest in a country hostile to them. I recently listened to a talk show, Yardie’s to be exact and wondered how I would I feel if I was a foreigner.

    By the way I wonder if I am the only one who thinks that there should be some standards regarding our local talk shows. Or should we have ratings such as x rated, junk show, offensive to the ear, listeners beware, hacks only.

  4. Jane, in order to defend the corruptions of this government all you 43 % must refer to the previous government. All you seem to have no brain, are you from Micoud? Have some sense.

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    Consider this , the UWP government changed the law to remove the statute of limitation on any crime carried out by a politician. under your SLP after 6 years there was nothing you could have done about an criminal act carried out by a politician. Now we can hold them accountable until they die.

    I guess Richard Frederick, Christopher Hunt, Yardie , Calixte George Jn , ete ,etc will never tell you this as it diminishes their talking point, and you may have asked why SLP never implemented it. SLP always say they are there for the poor, well protect the poor from thieves.

  6. That’s a low blow, if so,one could have said that over the years when people from Vieux Fort, Laborie and Vieux Fort North continuously voted for labour that they were uneducated, backward, stupid.

    Yet’s elevate political discussions.

  7. In the beginning of the COVID19 crisis, the PM told us that many ventilators were ordered. Nothing has been said since tgen. Can the PM or CMO update us on the many ventilators that were on order and those that were being shipped according to the PM??

  8. Thank you Mr. Myers for the donation. A company in Vieux Fort by the name of Carimon is producing ventilators. Or maybe they are producing circuitry for the machines. Either way, it is great to see Lucians stepping up with so many others around the world to fight the pandemic.

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