Businessman offers $10,000 reward concerning theft

Businessman Javon Francis is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of bandits who broke into his store.

The incident occurred at about 3:10 am on Sunday.

Francis told the Times that the break in was caught on tape and provided footage of the incident.

He disclosed that while one accomplice stayed in a vehicle, two of the men used a hacksaw to cut locks on the store.

The locks were on the security mesh of the business place.

Javon Francis - Happy Connex
Javon Francis – Happy Connex


Francis said after the locks were cut, the bandits took a big stone and smashed the glass to get inside.

He revealed that once inside, the two criminals went behind the counter and located the safe.

The businessman explained that the men, both of whom wore hats, took mobile telephones, accessories and cash in the sum of several thousand dollars.

He told the Times that they stuffed their loot into an old suitcase which they found in the building.

Francis told the Times that the men then escaped.

He said he has been operating his business – Happy Connex from the ground floor of the Richard Frederick building for about six months now.

The business place sells and repairs mobile telephones and also offers mobile telephone accessories for sale.

“We have an idea of who we think it is but we are just waiting for the tape to be cleared up,” Francis stated.

He said: “We are giving ten thousand dollars to anyone who knows the guys or they try to sell them a phone, if we can catch the guys and get back out stuff.”

He revealed that what the bandits took was valued more than the money that is being offered as a reward.

Persons are asked to call: 724-0777