Thursday, October 6, 2022

Businessman Says Bandits Wanted To Kill Him In His Own Home, Thanks God That He Survived

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Saint Lucia businessman Benjamin Martelly got the shock of his life Saturday night as he entered his home.

Bandits who had broken into the residence attacked him.

Martelly gives thanks to God, saying it was only because of the Almighty that he survived.

The car parts dealer of Mon Repos, Micoud, recalled that the intruders gained entry by ripping away a burglar bar.

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“The broke the burglar bars, ripped out the louvres and entered where I have a store room – the store room is part of the house,” Martelly told St Lucia Times.

“They walked in there, they came to my kitchen, broke my door to my bedroom and my closet looking for I don’t know what,” Martelly, who is better known as Bengy, stated.

Benjamin Martelly

He said as soon as he entered the house, the intruders hit him on the head.

“I don’t know if it was a piece of iron or a hammer and that was all I know,” Martelly told St Lucia Times.

“They tried to kill me,” the 58 year old Mon Repos resident declared, adding that he was hit repeatedly on the head.

He said when he realised that the intruders intended to take his life, be asked them to leave him alone, held his breath and decided to lie prone.

Martelly said he believed at that point the criminals thought he was dead.

He said they tied his feet and hands.

Martelly recalled passing out.

He said he eventually came to, got up from the pool of blood in which he was lying, and managed to make it out of the house.

“That’s all I know. My brother told me when he came there he saw me on the step,” Martelly disclosed.

He said his brother summoned an ambulance and the police.

According to Martelly, who said he lives alone, he has no idea how many persons were involved in the attack.

He said the bandits took three thousand dollars in cash from his pocket, valuables from his home and his mobile telephone.

Martelly declared that the criminals are ‘ahead of us.’

“Those kinds of crimes – we are not prepared for it. I can say that as a businessman, because who would believe that walking into your home, you have your keys in your hand and there are thieves inside?”

“It can happen to any one of us. You can never say: ‘I will not be the next victim!'”

Law enforcement officials say police shot a suspect in Saturday’s attack and describe the injured man as a ‘well known criminal.’

The officials also say they have held two brothers from the Mon Repos community for questioning as they investigate the crime.




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