Butchers Under Increased Scrutiny As Christmas Approaches

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by Anicia Antoine, Ministry of Agriculture

As the Christmas holidays draw near, the Ministries of Agriculture and Health have increased the monitoring and surveillance of butchery practices to ensure conformity to public health guidelines and procedures.

Owners and managers of the slaughterhouse must present to the Inspector the original copy of the Ante Mortem Certificate that renders the animal fit to slaughter. All butchers must obtain a license/permit- to-slaughter from the police.

Mr. Colombus Phillipe of the Department of Agriculture added that any animals being transported from the south to the north must obtain a transfer permit from the Southern Livestock Station.

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“Should someone be desirous of moving an animal from the south to the north, he must visit the Department of Veterinary Services, and an officer will issue a certificate.”

Senior Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Ernie Pierre, encourages butchers and the wider public to adhere to the public health guidelines and procedures put in place by the Ministry of Health.

“We have seen traditionally that where meat is sold crowds gather, with each person calling for the cut of meat they would like. We remind the public that with COVID-19 health protocols, they need to queue, observe a six-foot distance, and wear masks. Butchers too, will have to wear masks. We do not want to worsen things by creating a situation where persons can be exposed more to infection.

To ensure operations are not hindered, persons are encouraged to visit or call the Environmental Health Offices in Bois d’Orange or Vieux Fort.

Headline photo courtesy Department of Agriculture

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