BVI Ruling Party To Seek Resignation Of Premier Held On Drug Charges In The United States

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The ruling Virgin Islands Party (VIP) is seeking the resignation of Premier Andrew Fahie, days after United States law enforcement officials announced his arrest on drug and money laundering charges.

BVI Deputy Premier Natalio Wheatley, appointed Acting Premier since Fahie’s arrest, disclosed successor plans in a televised address.

Wheatly stated that elected members of the government had agreed that given the situation with Premier Fahie, it was necessary to appoint a replacement to ‘this critical constitutional post.’

“The Virgin Islands has several pressing issues requiring urgent and devoted attention,” the Acting Premier observed.

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He said they included a discussion with the United Kingdom on a Commission of Inquiry recommendations.

Asserting that this requires ‘leadership on the ground’ Wheatley advised that the congress of the BVI ruling party unanimously voted for him to assume Chairmanship.

“The elected members have expressed the view that I should be appointed Premier and we will be taking steps in this regard,” he explained.

And Wheatley said efforts are underway to seek Andrew Fahie’s resignation as BVI Premier to facilitate ‘the smooth advancement of the process.’

Headline photo: Andrew Fahie

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  1. Aaaah! Can’t wait for the FBI and CIA to get to the ones in Lucia. A clean sweep. The US will be doing all of us a favour. Tic Toc Tic Toc

  2. Hilarious. No condemnations from the BVI ministers or anyone in the Caribbean. Just calls for independence because the UK wants to take control to find the rest of the bobolists and volairs. We love corruption and nepotism in the Caribbean.

  3. Well if he was in St Lucia the SLP would have re-elected him and his comrades. Dont just focus on one person in the SLP. The party was a cesspit of criminality WAY BEFORE THAT with many of them!!!

  4. Vulnerability for a click in St. Lucia; the writing is on the wall. Killer up for murder, let loose in Mabonneau Prison, how did he get to J A with us$$flying; lately Army Rifles & hand Guns galore headed for, but almost – something it seems, is brewing behind the scenes, don’t hold your breath. Ding dong, who’s there? F.B.I. we’re coming in.

  5. With so many lines of communication crossing path on networks and the internet, information that seems clandestine are now leaking out. They wanted the big money and fast life, but know they will be in jail in the slow lane. I wonder if they are saying If I had known; by the way If I Had Known always comes last.

  6. Seems like there’s a crackdown taking place,the big seizure of $5mil US in JA & now this BVI fellow,I wonder who’s next… tick tock the clock is moving,start to cover those tracks boys & gals.

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