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C.T.O. Ranks Saint Lucia as the Second Fastest Growing Destination

PRESS RELEASE: (Saturday, 21 October 2017) Saint Lucia’s tourism sector continues to enjoy robust performance recording the second fastest growth in the region among Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) member countries. Bermuda leads the member countries as at August with 11.9% increase in stayover arrivals over 2016, followed by Saint Lucia at 9.2%. Saint Lucia also recorded the third highest percentage increase for the month of August at 11.4%, behind Belize at 19.1% and Grenada at 16.9%. August marked the third consecutive month of double digit growth for Saint Lucia and fourth for the year; a feat surpassed only by Bermuda with five double digit increases so far for the year.

The United States continues to be the market leader with total stay-over visitor arrivals of 12,922 in August 2017.  The United Kingdom (UK) showed a marked increase of 36%, a much-welcomed result after a difficult year for the UK market in 2016.

For the month of August, cruise sector visitor arrivals were 20,341 a 6.3% increase over the previous year, contributing to the sectors strong performance. Year to date the cruise sector has recorded an increase of 21.1%. This sector is poised for greater increases in 2018 as the port expansion at Pointe Seraphine Berth No.1 is scheduled for completion in December. The berth 1 expansion, will allow port Castries to accommodate two quantum class vessels, with guest capacities exceeding 4700 each.

The tourism sector has seen some important expansion in the year so far with the opening of the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort and Spa, which has 455 rooms in two hotels one catering to families and the other, adults only.  Serenity Villas at Coconut Bay Resort in Vieux Fort has also unveiled its 36 luxury villas also catering to adults only.  Other planned developments for later this year such as the opening of Harbour Club expected to be opened this winter. The Bel Jou Hotel has undergone significant renovations with a new façade, the addition of 12 new rooms a new rooftop lounge and several other improvements, and is expected to reopen this November. These new offerings will contribute significantly to boosting the sector’s growth even further.


  1. Good but what is the prediction for long term sustainability before the tourism boom goes bust?

    • You meant “IF” the tourism boom goes bust. There has also been an increase in the agricultural sector. We have seen an increase in business in the commercial sector. Lets us all hope everything goes well. Crime “WE” not just the government, need to arrest.

    • The worlds volatility when it comes to tourism is very apparent please share your ideas to mitigate such a situation.

  2. Fastest growing destination for just non lucians with exempt to those abroad i mean tourist alone always comes first whats about us locals more drastic diversification implementations should be placed for us locals we have enough fruits and abandoned factories just crumbling to the ground all for the sack of lack of use our brother and sister islands can produce vasts amts of quality juices why cant we this is what would help the country both ways and other agricultural ideas ….not to mention all the local abandoned houses and buildings that government wants to seize and just have for collections and keeps sake, why not refurbish them and put in place after school programs and activities huh also school leavers job placement centers of every department and category within the entire island centers with a small stipend just to gain the experience within the workplace and to help shape up our youths after leaving secondary school cause most of the time we see our youths lost and wasting precious talents and skills AFTER GRADUATING .this has to stop its time for saint lucia to evolve and stop being copy cats am sick and tired of this blasted country’s governor general down to the damn tail of ministers to prime minister neither of them seeing a different strategy to lead as leaders be leaders as you ought to be and stop being followers of other states and countries aberrr awa-eee and as for we locals self we to need to evolve ourselves and learn to embrace change i am just so damn pissed at our damn stagnant country.crime rate not changing that stupid woman always there to oppose on-behalf of criminals, unemployment sky high , heck i am freaking unemployed just trying to start off a business, next you have suicide being a juice for ppl now then who can afford the cruise employment fees are on the the ship not to mention all those men in prison i mean what is this mweh fache uhhh? mind you am a mweh fache supporter so do not come for me but mweh fache lets be trend setters and not copycats plz .enough of this tourism what about the all the forgotten communities as well as the other working class of this country. this is my take thank you.

  3. I must applaud these fair and favourable comments. We need to be fair and not bias in our comments. We must not let political colour cloud our fairness.

  4. this is very welcoming news but we need to be dynamic and move with the times to keep the growth happening…… but overall very good for SLU!

    • So Allen Chastanet is taking credit for the hard work of the SLP. What has Allen Chastanet done to reach this achievement?
      You are as much a clown just like him.

      • If the PM is responsible for crimes the surly he is responsible for the growth in the economy. Or is crime as a result of SLP’s work too or lack of?

  5. It’s ok to put all these statistics out there.Wonder what all the struggling businesses on the Rodney Bay strip has to say about this?

  6. The Royalton was done by the SLP. All projects were done by the SLP.
    So what has Allen Chastanet done since he came there apart from traveling, he is never in St. Lucia, has done for the tourism industry? Can anyone tell me? His father has not even allowed him to run his small hotel. Because he doesn’t trust him. So what has he done for this achievement? Rotlmao

    The UWP tiefs everything.. Even taking credit for this they’ve never done. Lmbao. You wankers!

  7. Why does both the SLP and UWP continuously pump millions in one of if not the most volatile industry!

    All it takes is one of the following to happen and you see visitor numbers plummet:-

    Natural Disaster
    Travel Advisory (due to high crime)

    We need to shift budget allocation for Tourism to Agriculture and quick very quick.

    There is simple no need for the large amounts being spent on Travel & Tourism exhibitions in the US, UK and EU.

    Those tourism officials who argue against are merely looking after jobs/income.

    St Lucia as a destination which sells itself, one or two knowledgeable industry people with extensive “black books” can maintain tourism numbers if not potentially increase them with to exorbitant amounts being wasted.

    By “black book” I mean a contact list of highly influential industry (tour operators, Airlines, Cruise operators, Travel Agents) movers and shakers.

    Education, Health, Agriculture (food security) and Crime should be the main

  8. Putting all our eggs in a paper bag on a rainy day. That’s just plan reckless! We must diversify and agriculture is the only other industry that makes sense.

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