Thursday, September 29, 2022

Cabinet Conclusion 855 Revoked

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Press Release:–  The Saint Lucia Labour Party wishes to congratulate the Civil Service Association for the representation it continues to provide for its members which has resulted in the revocation of Cabinet Conclusion 855.

That Cabinet Conclusion effectively gave the Cabinet of Ministers the power to make appointments in the public service contrary to section 86 of the Constitution of St Lucia, under which the Public Service Commission is the body authorised to make such appointments.

As a consequence, the CSA had called for the review and rescinding of the Cabinet decision.

The Leader of the Opposition and the Political Leader of our party, Hon. Philip J Pierre, had himself demanded the discarding of the Cabinet Conclusion, in a statement to the Press on 31st July 2020, in which he also said that “the decision is illegal and given this Government’s history of vindictiveness and untrustworthiness, is dangerous”.

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Since this UWP Government continues to break laws, rules and conventions rules it is incumbent on all the citizenry to be vigilant.

Democracy thrives when the people are watchful of their Government and that is why the CSA’s actions in this matter deserve commendation.

Cabinet Conclusion 855 should never have been issued.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party remains committed to holding this Government accountable for its transgressions.

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