Sunday, September 25, 2022

Cabot Responds On Beach Clean-Up Issue

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Press Release:- In recent days, there has been negative and misleading coverage of a beach cleaning operation at Cas En Bas Beach.  Although we have addressed this matter satisfactorily with the Development Control Authority (DCA), we feel an obligation to the people of Saint Lucia to clarify the matter.

Cabot Saint Lucia, as part of its corporate social responsibility ethos, has been contributing to the community in which it operates in many ways, including the improvement of some of the roads in the Cap Estate area.

The clean-up of the beach, in light of the recent National Beach Clean Up Day, was a natural extension of this activity, as the Cas En Bas beach had nearly 3 feet of rotting sargassum which prevented Saint Lucians from enjoying that area.

The clean-up works were conducted by a local contractor under the supervision of Cabot’s senior construction team.

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The only intent of removing the offensive seaweed from the beach was to make it again safe for use by the community.

At the time of the undertaking, it was not clear to us that formal permission was required to perform this public function.  Once we understood that the DCA needed to be consulted prior to the activity, we immediately engaged the Authority.

Following a series of communications with the DCA, Cabot advises that:

  1. The methodologies used for the cleanup of sargassum weed from the beach followed international best practice in which a thin layer of corrupted sand and the overlaying mass of vegetation were skimmed off the beach surface to expose fresh, clean sand.
  2. The DCA has accepted a formal apology from Cabot for the failure to seek permission for the sargassum cleaning exercise, but acknowledged the goodwill in our efforts to make these parts of the beach usable by locals.
  3. The DCA has formally acknowledged that the action at Cabot did not constitute any form of illegal sand mining as has been incorrectly alleged in unofficial reporting on the activity.
  4. Cabot and the DCA will collaborate closely on all future intended cleaning of the beaches near the development.

The parties who knowingly chose to share misleading information at no time sought clarification or edification on the clean-up exercise.

Cabot regrets that in our enthusiasm to clear the beach of rotting organic matter, we neglected to first seek formal permission to access this public space with our equipment.  At no time was any illegal sand quarrying taking place, and we have provided proof of this to the DCA.

We further wish to take this opportunity to underscore that the Cabot development and all its associated activities will, as has been the practice, continue to be undertaken with a deep sense of respect for the environment and the cultural significance of the area for fence-line and national communities.

Our mission, vision and core values are dedicated to partnering with our communities to ensure responsible and sustainable development that redound to the local and national benefit.

We will continue to seek to prove our high ethical and environmental standards and to demonstrate global development best practices.




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