Calderon backs Mayor’s warning to public

Deputy Mayor, Anselma Calderon, has supported a warning to members of the public by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, to immediately stop age-old transgressions committed in the capital.

On Monday Francis announced a wide-ranging crackdown against urinating and defecating in public, loitering, indecent exposure, walking bare back, illegal parking and carrying uncovered debris in trucks.

Deputy Mayor, Anselma Calderon, said at Monday’s press briefing to announce the crackdown that she hopes all will cooperate and give full support to the work being done to change the face of Castries.

Calderon explained that not only will the laws be enforced, but the public will also be educated.

“Very soon we will begin our public education and sensitization programme,” the Deputy Mayor said, adding that it will be done using radio, television and print.

She disclosed plans to write to various organizations such as minibus and taxi associations so that they can update their members.

“We believe that this, along with the full enforcement of the law by our City Police officers, will control and help correct some of those unsavoury practices that have harmed the aesthetics of the City and may in some instances, have serious health implications too,” Caldron declared.


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