Thursday, August 18, 2022

Calypso Monarch Dezral Long Appointed Newest CARICOM Youth Ambassador

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Reigning Saint Lucia Calypso Monarch Dezral Long has become the country’s newest CARICOM youth ambassador.

Dezral,22, recently made history when he became the youngest ever Saint Lucia Calypso King.

Youth Development and Sports Minister Kenson Casimir announced Dezral’s Youth Ambassador appointment.

In making the announcement, Casimir disclosed that the Calypso Monarch would get a trip to Trinidad & Tobago to witness that country’s calypso finals.

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Casimir told parliament on Tuesday Dezral’s example demonstrated that despite all the negativity surrounding the nation’s youth, the vast majority are ready and doing the right things.

“The vast majority are ready to take this nation to a higher level. We must as a government do all that we can – as a nation to encourage them and guide them along the way, and so we will,” the Gros Islet MP declared.

Earlier,  at the invitation of Speaker Claudius Francis, members of the House of Assembly stood in recognition of Dezral’s crowning as the youngest ever Calypso Monarch.

Dezral’s father, Dr. Desmond Long, once served as Deputy Speaker of the house.

Dr. Long, singing as ‘The Mighty Pep’ also won the Calypso Monarch title multiple times in the past.

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  1. Dezral was already crowned “King”,in my humble judgement and opinion from his first appearance and performance in this calypso arena 2022.
    He has made Lucia proud with such songs of deep lyrical value , relevance and importance.

    Hats off to you young man and to your dad, your entire family and all those who supported and nurtured you.

    I salute you for putting things in context ,as they are ,and steering clear of the petty political rhetorics.

    I wish you well for the future 🙏

  2. A year ago this government said, they found the treasury brock, brock, brock. Then they decided to spend $1million to investigate the former one. Tourism is down, work slowed down, today its reported 66 new cases of Covid, some days higher some lower, impossible to control it. Today we are sending a young man to Trinidad, we don’t know the cost, but that don’t matter, to sing, jump up, drink & have a good time, that’s to show the world the level of our intelligence and we can master our own civil criminal matters better than anyone around us. But we need help, cost of everything is going up, jobs are down, the shooting is the same, no better. Some believe in God, some don’t; a big war and some surprises to come.

  3. Finally!! An uplifting news article … and notice the comments *silence* ….
    SLU needs MORE young people like Dezral who make positive headlines with positive outcomes.
    Very well done also to Kenson Casimir for mentioning and mentoring the young man. Verynwell done.


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