CAMDU Reinforces Positive Discipline In Schools

Press Release:- The Curriculum and Material Development Unit (CAMDU), within the Ministry of Education, recently hosted a discipline development seminar to sensitize the heads of Department of Education on positive discipline.

CAMDU has been implementing effective disciplinary procedures in schools across the island throughout the years.

Sophia Edwards-Gabriel, the acting Education Officer for CAMDU said: “One of the key areas that we consider when we are looking at effective schools is implementing positive discipline, positive behavior, interventions, and support. Many people misunderstand the concept of positive discipline and think it solely means no corporal punishment.”

Mrs. Gabriel further explained that the 30th convention hosted by CAMDU had the overall aim of enhancing the education system in Saint Lucia.

Beverly-Ann Poyotte, the acting Director in the Division of Human Services, presented on the work done with the Juvenile Justice Project. The project is spearheaded by the OECS, and funded by USAID.

“We are in the second phase of this project and aim to move toward the rehabilitation of young offenders,” Ms. Poyotte said. She stressed that working with the communities and in environments where young people engage plays an important role in enhancing the abilities and mannerisms of the youth.

The discipline development seminar was hosted by CAMDU in collaboration with the Division of Human Services.


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