Sunday, September 25, 2022

Campaign Launched Against Youth Prostitution In Martinique

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An awareness campaign against the involvement of young people in prostitution is underway in Martinique, local reports say.

The organisation Mouvement du Nid is spearheading the initiative, with a special focus on students in high school.

Reporting on the campaign, Martinique 1 Ere observed that the sex trade is moving away from the sidewalks and seems to be gaining momentum on Social Media.

The online publication noted that on the internet, older men known as ‘sugar daddies’ and young girls advertise themselves seeking or offering sexual services for a price, while others post sex videos on certain sites.

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In the case of young women, the so-called “sugar daddies” take care of school fees, rent, all expenses, and even trips for their “sugar babies” – young women who are often students or in financial difficulty.

Martinique 1 Ere reported that although such internet advertisements are glamorised, they ‘resemble’ prostitution.

As a result, organisers of the anti-prostitution campaign say the problem has become hard to detect and almost trivial. At the same time, videos and films portray the practice as romantic, chic, or even luxurious.

An individual familiar with the Martinique campaign told St Lucia Times that job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic have made women especially vulnerable to exploitation.

This year the theme of the Martinique anti-prostitution campaign comes from a well-known song in which a young woman buys luxury clothes thanks to the generosity of a man.  

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    But according to RFO Guayane Journal via satallite,During interview by RFO MQUE la 1ERE , it was traduction of language,and the name Gloria is among which wanted to play with me.

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    on Chrome trip minutes.
    But thanks goodness,my great YAHWEH,the living God,who has delivered me by blocking them,it was easy,but now i am at ease.

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