Campaigners Concerned Over Cancer-Causing Chemicals In Bacon, Ham

Campaigners are urging the British government to do more to rid the cancer risk from processed meats such as bacon and ham, according to Sky News.

The news organisation has quoted the campaigners as saying that there is a “growing consensus of scientific opinion” that nitrites in processed meats result in carcinogenic nitrosamines – believed to be responsible for bowel cancer.

Nitrites are added to cure the meats – helping preserve them and enhancing the colour and flavour.

A 2015 World Health Organisation report classed processed meats as a group one carcinogen that could cause an additional 34,000 cancer deaths a year.

That could equate to 6,600 bowel cancer cases ever year in the UK, according to new analysis, Sky News said.

The news organisation reported that a top NHS doctor and a senior food scientist have now joined politicians, including Labour deputy leader Tom Watson, to call for action.



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