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Updated on July 2, 2020 7:42 am
Updated on July 2, 2020 7:42 am
Updated on July 2, 2020 7:42 am

Cannabis Movement: Cannabis Investors Went To Barbados After Lack Of Success In Saint Lucia

Press Release:-  After confirming the details of a report that Barbados has sealed a deal with foreign investors intending to develop a medical cannabis industry there worth one billion dollars, it has come to light that these very investors were right here in Saint Lucia early this year for months intending to do the very same, with no success.

After being disappointed by the negotiations conducted here with our Government, the investors sought out other islands in the region to float their project.

As a result, they ended up in Barbados where they met with the Rastafarian community, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Agriculture and the AG, who wasted no time to seal the deal.

So once again, yet another prime Minister of the region, in this case, PM Mia Motley has had the courage to use her power to make the necessary amendments to their cannabis laws in order to accommodate the industrial development of the cannabis plant.

Please note that although Saint Vincent has been toying with the idea for years, Antigua, Saint Kitts and Barbados were not on the cannabis stage a year ago, but were able in little time to throw their hat in the ring and enter the trillion dollar world medical cannabis industry.

The Prime Ministers of those islands used their powers to make the decision themselves. Remember, medical cannabis is not ganja, not marijuana, it does not have a psyco active effect if consumed and is as benign or harmless as vegetables. So for reasons unknown to us, we missed that opportunity.

The Government failed to bring a much needed project to our nation that could have brought agriculture back to where it could make a significant contribution to the country’s socio economic development, providing thousands of jobs for young unemployed people, creating a filter up economic model that would literally grow the GDP of our country.

The market is growing at a rapid pace and it is important that we get in at the ground floor. To our knowledge, there are several other similar project proposals sitting on the Prime Ministers desk waiting for approval.

We encourage the Prime Minister to step in at this crucial time and make the required decisions immediately to avoid this very situation to be repeated.

Certain steps MUST be taken as soon as possible in order for us benefit economically from this industry. 1 There must be a moratorium on incarceration. 2. There MUST be an amnesty for people languishing in prison for cannabis offences. 3. Hemp must be removed from the Misuse of Drugs Act. 4. Cannabis must be rescheduled from a Schedule 2 Class A substance to a Schedule 2 Class C substance. 5. Cannabis crimes must be expunged from criminal records. 6. The National Educational program must be rolled as soon as possible, and 7, The Government must address the nation on these developments, and in that address, there must be an apology to the Rastafarian community.

The drafting of a Cannabis act and the development of all the regulations that will be contained in the Act can take place over the coming months, but the Government must act now. We have lost one golden opportunity, let us not lose another one. The nation eagerly awaits an announcement.


  1. I am truly dissapointed that our government did not take this initiative seriously. Even in the USA medical marajuana is a huge success. I have read how children with serious epileptic problems and many other diseases are treated with great success. I am at lost why we allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers. At least the powers that matter in this country should have done some research to ascertain the pros and cons of this project. If this report is true, the government owes this nation an explanation on this issue.

  2. Worth 1 billion? How can something that has not sold a since item be worth so much money.

    • Because the US cannabis companies will pay the st.lucian farmers for the st.lucian grown cannabis. You know like how the banana industry works. The farmers grow the bananas here and shipped them to the UK for Money. Business 101

  3. Not as bad as it sounds. I hope the government protects the local farmers from these international cannibal organizations that seek to buy up all of our prime farm land and turn st.lucians into farm hands.

    • We are already giving it away to the tourism sector for nothing with very little going to locals. I think it would be a much better return to the farmers

  4. You do know the farmers are under no obligation to sell right? They can negotiate a good price for their product (Cannabis) and make more money than they are right now. So it is as bad as it sounds because our entire focus as a country is Tourism. Having an avenue like Cannabis to revitalize our agriculture industry is priceless.

  5. We need to examine the entire situation and embrace the best known outcomes at the time

  6. The Marijuana market is going nowhere. It is here to stay. If anything it will be growing. Now compare this with ST Lucia loosing Royal Caribbean Cruise Port to Barbados. It is gone for good.

    Barbados has no bananas or cocoa. Barbados if flat and not to good for marijuana.

    • Why does the messenger matter is it not the message that matters the most important?

  7. No vision, no plan to really move the economy. No vision 2025. Just the same old people vying for a job to rule our nation every five years. I agree with Barbados, take the opportunity to help develop your economy, your GDP will be impacted positively, your dollar will ALWAYS hold a greater value than our $EC as there is NO effort to re-instate manufacturing here in the country. Gov’t has no real plans to move us forward as a nation. You all know that this is possible through foreign investment. Another opportunity gone begging, like sands slipping through the finger…sad. In 15 years, you’ll probably walk the streets of the capital and see no major changes. More vehicles are imported by companies AND individuals yet no new roads are built. No expansions made. A good road network drives an economy just as a thriving tourism industry. Without proper roads, how will tourists arrive at their hotels, how will the good farmer go sell his/her produce, how will the working class get to work on time and be productive? Let’s develop our country leaders. Think and be innovative.

  8. Not surprise ! As long as poor people who take jail for it will stem to make a profit then there is no way in hell this government will allow that. You will have to meet with Rasta what ??? Soon They would be living like me nawww man we can’t have that. Even though they took licks and get locked up and persecuted for donkey years what ever profit comes from this we must have it for ourselves borrow and borrow and financially enslaved St Lucians for generations you mad we cant have them live like us. They want Dubai give them horse track, Broth, roast breadfruit and another hotel and they happy. The must not see but only dream of the riches of our ways. Father God Bless our land bless it with thy mighty hand protect us form those who are currently governing us.

  9. All over the Caribbean these politicians behave just like the ones in Africa. They will do nothing to benefit their country and their people unless there is something in it to benefit them personally.

  10. This article has so many inconsistencies that its hard to take it seriously. medical cannabis is ganja, it is marijuana, and it does not have a psycho active effect if consumed. Also its better for St.Lucia to build their own cannabis industry. They don’t need foreign investors who only are after their own interests. Better to give it to the people and let them make money from it.

    • OK, we shall monitor the activities of those foreign investors over in Barbados and when the industry really takes root and thrives, we’ll want to emulate them, but it might be too late then. Why couldn’t locals start a DIGICEL, HESS OIL or CABLE & WIRELESS? it was FOREIGN INVESTMENT that started those companies. Nothing wrong with foreign investment.

      • There is nothing wrong with foreign investment but for this industry you don’t need it. Once you get investors involved or given control they will start dictating their terms like price and quality. They will control a market that St.Lucia could own for themselves. Again you don’t need foreign investors. There are already a lot of St.Lucians that have the money to invest.

  11. But that will never happen Julien Stiff Upper Lippers want the wealth for themselves. Just like the Liquor, cigarette, and import food chain only a chosen political few that has licenses to do so and the same would apply to the Ganja.

    • Well then the St.Lucian people need to change that. You have the power to vote and hold your elected officials accountable

  12. We need to carefully research the places which have legalized marijuana. Though some may be making lots of money, because of it, will our Island profit?

    Our Island like other is seen as a 3rd world country, and like others …… the farmers paid little for their hard work. There has been an increase in crimes in Colorado, USA and other places since the legalization of marijuana; causing an increase in police.

    This has also caused an increase in road accidents. The law enforcement there stated that was the worse thing that the government of Colorado did.

    St. Lucia roads are not large as Colorado’s. One life lost, is to many. Let’s put our differences aside and pray that God will guide and direct our government to make the best decisions for Our St. Lucia.

    Let’s not think about the money, but about the welfare of all St. Lucians. Crimes come with casinos. More crimes will come with marijuana.

  13. St Lucians lives hundreds of years without cannabis they can still do without it all the millions of dollars they can make out of it the same millions to build more wellness centers

  14. imagine this guy wanna talk bout wellness centers….everybody in st.lucia sick..doctors cant help u bro…only nature…weed is actually all natural…not like your breadfruit and yam and dasheen.and ur rice and peas and cassava…they are all hybrid and not from nature….thats why u all sick cause u all refuse to go back to nature……carrots…cauliflower….tumeric…garlic…are all artificial…but u use them everyday…and u idiots wanna fight against weed…made by the hands of nature…..hahahahaha…wat a messsssssssssssssss……..stay sick ppl..and continue not using nature…..hahahahaha..

  15. Before calling people names, my question to you is, do you.know for a fact that marijuana will cure every sickness? Have you done any reseach or do you have any personal knowledge or experienced.

    The fact is, we love our electronics, our cellular phones, but let’s face facts here.

    Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from Wifi/ bluetooth connection and processed foods are 2 ugly truths which are causing people to have all kinds of diseases, illnesses and even commit crimes; by causing the malfunctioning of the brain.

    The wealthy uses don’t allow wifi signal to enter their homes and many stay away from wireless devices.

    Marijuana is not a cure all, it alleviates pain and vomiting, and may boost appetite in SOME people; but it’s NOT A CURE.

    • Are you serious ? Wealthy people dont’ have WIFI in their homes and they don’t use wireless devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones). Dude….

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