Cannabis Movement Chairman Accuses Government Of Disgraceful Conduct

The Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, Andre ‘Pancho’ Decaires, has accused the Allen Chastanet administration of disgraceful, unprofessional conduct in relation to moves to marijuana law reform.

In a hard-hitting statement to Cabinet Secretary, Ben Emmanuel, Decaires recalled that the Cannabis Movement had submitted a white paper as requested by the  Saint Lucia cabinet at a meeting last year.

“We greed to a follow up meeting. So far we cannot get in contact with any of the ministers. There’s been no response,” an obviously incensed Cannabis Movement Chairman observed.

“Please remember this was a campaign promise – the cabinet went on political platforms and promised the people of Saint Lucia. We are now three years in and not a move has been made Mr. Emmanuel. This is disgraceful and most unprofessional by this cabinet,” Decaires declared.

Decaires has noted in the past that marijuana law reform was a campaign promise made by the current administration.

He said that apart from having been a campaign promise, the move is supported by the opposition and the Police Welfare Association.

“It was advised by the PERMANDU consultants who were paid $13 million to advise the government and here we are – St Kitts has gone ahead, St Vincent has gone ahead, Antigua has gone ahead. It was never a campaign promise by any of these governments,” Decaires stated.

He said he and members of the Cannabis Movement feel completely insulted by the current government.

“I try to call you, you don’t call back. We would very much appreciate an update. This is getting very ridiculous,” Decaires stated.

He explained that as Chairman of the Cannabis Movement, he has been very polite and respectful.

“Next month it’s three years. My patience is running out. I would appreciate and my members  would appreciate some sort of professional response,” Decaires said in the statement  to the Cabinet Secretary, made available to St Lucia Times.



  1. The Government does not operate on Mr De Caires’ time frame

    I am familiar with people who do not understand the process of Government and what it takes to adjust legislation, they believe laws can just be changed in the snap of a finger

    They should certainly respond to his letters, to advise on the status of whatever they have agreed in previous meetings, and I am fairly certain they have done this, Mr De Caires just does not like the rate at which the process is moving, for whatever his reasons. The Government has a mandate to ensure the ENTIRE population is accounted for when changing laws, not just a self created Cannabis Movement with no legal status. Beyond the letters advising of the status, they owe him no duty to return his calls. If Ministers had to return calls for everyone who called them there would be no time to do their work. I am certain the paper trail advises Mr De Caires of where things are at, and that he can expect further correspondence when the next steps are achieved. But everyone believes things work as they believe it should in their mind.

    I welcome the reform, in the best manner possible for all Saint Lucians

  2. People rationalize things in a manner beneficial to them. If promises are made while in opposition, they all cannot be done in three years, however, a promise of this nature should have been addressed by now. If certain things are in a party’s manifesto, they should be worked on diligently in opposition, so that when the party gets into office, they should be ready expedite certain promises; Cannabis bill should be one of them.

  3. Is marijuana actually illegal here? In every street corner you take the smell of that yet no one is arrested. City police patrolling Jeremie street all the time yet under the CDC is high street.

  4. Yes hold politicians accountable for their campaigns promises. Why hasnt VAT been removed yet? Why hasnt the 6.36 been removed from gas prices? Why are we not shipping bananas to Martinique?

  5. Who is his man? Why are you in a hurry to legalize it? You should be investigated. I believe it is for your own selfish reason (Economicaly speaking,) you are too hasty, i know that’s a good Opportunity for you to make some money, it dose not matter how many people use this thing wrongly! all you concern about is…….

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