Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Cannabis Movement Confident Of Ganja Legalisation After Meeting With Cabinet

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The Cannabis Movement left a historic meeting Monday with members of Cabinet to discuss ganja legslisation, confident that marijuana will be legalised in Saint Lucia, the Chairman of the movement, Andre de Caires, has said.

“It looks very positive. I think that we showed them in this particular regime – the regime that keeps it illegal, we are wasting money, we are missing out on economic benefits,” he told St Lucia Times.

“All the negative effects and all the fears that they have about young people consuming and people smoking everywhere, it is happening as we speak,” de Caires asserted.

He expressed the view that the laws that make marijuana illegal do not tackle the issues that concern so many people.

“With a legalised regime here will be rules and regulations that govern it, there will be education so that more people will be knowledgeable about the plant,” de Caires observed.

Representatives of the Cannabis Movement, the Rastafarian Community and others who support ganja legalisation, including a cannabis expert from Canada, made a presentation to government ministers on the way forward.

de Caires told St Lucia Times that there was general agreement on the need to improve the regulatory framework.

He explained that the next step is for the Cannabis Movement to produce a position paper for the government ministers to peruse.

“Then we will have a second meeting to discuss the details of the position paper,” the Chairman of the Cannabis Movement said.

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, writing about Monday’s meeting to discuss ganja, said the cabinet was pleased to welcome the group, especially the Rastafarians.

Chstanet said the Rastafarians explained that it was a historic session as it was their first time ever making a presentation to cabinet.

“Public Education and Consultations form part of the plan to ensure all points of view are taken into account,” the Prime Minister explained.



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  1. Yeah I guess the not too Bright Cabinet go capitalize on the economic benefits of marijuana once it has been legalized. So you not so Bright Ras might get weed to smoke without getting jail for having it. I really wonder how S.L.P go try and block this one from happening like how they have blocked or try to block so many of the Governments projects.

  2. Power to those who want to smoke their weed. I dread for those who don’t want to be high and killed by second hand smoke from weed.