Friday, February 21, 2020

Cannabis Movement Says Ganja Industry Can Pump Millions Into Economy

The Cannabis Movement of Saint Lucia believes that Saint Lucia stands to gain millions of dollars from the establishment of a ganja industry here.

The Chairman of the Movement, Andre de Caires estimates that there is a local recreational industry worth $50 million a year.

“12.5 VAT on that is $6.2 million dollars on just the recreational industry alone. Then 400,000 people stay in Saint Lucia every year for seven days or more and then 400,000 more people visit on cruise ships,” de Caires observed.

He explained that it means 800,000 tourists visit Saint Lucia.

“If 20 percent of them decide to spend $US 50 on cannabis, that means its a heavy amount of money and that is probably another 4 to 5 million dollars – so we could probably put between 10 and 15 million dollars in the coffers alone on just taxing the recreational,” the Cannabis Movement Chairman told St Lucia Times.

de Caires disclosed that persons from overseas have already sought out the Cannabis Movement because of an interest in doing medicinal extracts from ganja.

“So obviously there could be a tax on these extracts,” he stated, adding that the figure could run into millions of dollars.

He expressed the view that Saint Lucia could earn between 10 and 20 million dollars in tax revenue from a ganja industry.


  1. That don’t mean anything to the poor man .
    It’s just more money for politicians to 😬😁yes teeth yes red and yellow black and white the all thieves in my site . So tell me again what’s in it for the poor man

  2. Today more than 52% of the tourists smoke ganga,and that is because they know they are breaking the law,but the take their chance,besides they can get it everyware,on the street,in the hotels.Lets stop being hipocrits,if it was legalized,tourists would be pouring in by the thousands.Then you would start to see,how things change,when there is money flowing.Poor man could have his small plants growing in his yard,that is if he has the energy to move his carcase,and take care of the plants.Some poor people,believe because they were poor when born ,that is a inheritance problem that will never change for them,they are poor in their brains.But I believe that with counseling and help we can change thousands of lives,and get them producing,and making money.I dont want goverment growing,let the people do that,they can tax,what is produced by the growers.Let the growers form cooperatives and sell the weed..

  3. Yes my people it will pump millions of dollars into the country and also many wellness centers to built. The choices that we made.

  4. Cannabis will pump “millions” and will cost “millions” I sometimes wonder if the chairman actually knows the effects of this drug

  5. Let’s not forget there are people in jail just for cursing in public…..our 1955 laws….let’s amend all laws …smh

  6. Dont worry church goers,ganga,wont send thousands to rehab.Those you see on the street,they will allways be there,nothing more nothing less.they are there because goverment has no money or intrest in doing anything for them.We have allways been like that anything new? Please let me know if the world turns around.Lets not mix the drugs,and the pills,cocaine,crack and opioids.All this is another world,and this stuff should be totally ilegal.But ganga has nothing to do,with all that stuff.

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