Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Cannabis Movement: SVG Ganja Bill Not For Saint Lucia

A historic bill decriminalising ganja for medical and scientific purposes in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG), is not for Saint Lucia.

That’s the position of Cannabis Movement here.

The Chairman of the organisation, Andre ‘Pancho’ de Caires, told St Lucia Times that the Cannabis Movement looked at the SVG ganja bill before it was tabled in parliament.

“We reject that bill wholeheartedly,” de Caires stated.

He said there were a lot of flaws in the SVG bill.

“That bill is not something that would really benefit the farmers of Saint Lucia,” the Cannabis Movement Chairman explained.

He disclosed that what is needed in Saint Lucia is a measure that would create a path to upward mobility for the people who have been brutalised, unfairly jailed and discriminated against because of cannabis.

“We want to give these people a chance – it is actually a project for poverty alleviation,” he told St Lucia Times.

According to de Caires, once people move from the lower end of the society into the middle class, crime will go down.

“The way we have designed it, we would be able to lower the food import bill and create jobs,” the outspoken marijuana advocate asserted.

He said Saint Lucia will adopt a holistic approach to agricultural development, using cannabis as the catalyst.

“Many of the other models – Jamaica; they got it wrong; Saint Vincent is surely getting it wrong,” de Caires declared.

He said when the bill was being debated in the SVG parliament, it divided the Rastafarian community because of the way the measure was rolled out.

“We do not want to roll out a bill like that,” he told St Lucia Times.

de Caires pointed out that the SVG bill merely focusses on medical cannabis.

According to him, it does not go the route of full legalisation.



  1. When the Law of the Land is regarded as supreme and to be respected by all and sundry within the enacted provisions, i have a problem with the concerns that those found guilty of infringing the Laws past and present should be compensated if that law is revoked in the future. Anyone who infringes the law in force at the time of any infringement must face consequences, unless discrimination or unfairness is proven. The offenders who were convicted at the time the law was in force breached that law then and faced the consequences then. The State cannot be at fault but rather these offenders has to comply with the law and they knew and accepted their penalties for their disregard of the Law.When the law becomes revoked, these offenders must not be automatically freed but revisit the courts and asked to be pardoned with an apology for their disregard for the Laws in force then. In my view, they their constitutional rights were not infringed then and are not deserving of any compensation of special consideration. Uphold the LAWS OF OUR STATE!

    • Slavery was legal so that mean that we should not have reparatory justice?
      Gonsalves government is advancing a reptilian agenda

  2. Concerned citizen,yes you are right,they broke the laws of the country.If we ever change these laws,they may be pardoned and let free.We dont owe them nothing,they chose to brake the laws,at that time.

  3. Lets think in a broad way please.We want ganga to be legal,we want to smoke with out being charged as criminals.We want to recieve all those that want to come and smoke in a free invironment.Our grand parents were doing pot,in the 1890,with out being put in jail or braking the law.Can we please be free,to choose what we want to do with our lives,life is so short and you want to control all we do.Have a relaxing smoke when ever you feel like.This is not a crime.

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