Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Cannabis Movement Urges: ‘Grow More Weed’ To Save Saint Lucia Economy

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The Cannabis Movement of Saint Lucia wants the country to grow more ‘weed’ as a means of saving the economy.

But the group is not happy with the government over a failure so far to legalise cannabis and set up a local industry.

Secretary Aaron ‘Ras Iron’ Alexander, said it was  good to see both ‘established’ local political parties were ‘harping’ on legalising the herb and setting up the industry.

However, Alexander noted that the industry has not materialised.

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And he recalled that the current administration, some five years after an election campaign promise in regard to cannabis, has not acted.

“Shame, shame, shame,” Alexander declared.

“Shame, shame, shame on this administration when it comes to the cannabis issue,” he asserted.

Alexander spoke on Tuesday as the annual celebration of marijuana use, dubbed 420, got underway.

People who observe 420  also campaign for  countries to legalise cannabis.

“For our 420 celebration this year, as we know the government is still talking about legalisation, so our theme this year is ‘Grow More Weed’ – grow more weed to save our economy,” Aaron Alexander said.

“Grow more weed to help eradicate unemployment. So we must grow more weed, that is our our theme.”

“Wherever you get a patch of land, grow more weed, wherever you see a vacant spot, grow more weed,” the Cannabis Movement Secretary declared.

He expressed the view that if the government is really serious about legalising cannabis, they will immediately  stop eradicating the herb and release people in jail for minor quantities of cannabis.

In addition, he said the government would encourage people to grow more marijuana.

Alexander explained that this would build up the local stock ahead of cannabis becoming legal and the market opening up.

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