Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Canopy At St. Jude Hospital Collapses

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The Board and Management of St. Jude Hospital notes with utmost concern that a section of the canopy on the East Wing of the stadium collapsed at about 12:50 PM today Saturday April 16, 2022.

The hospital informs and reiterates that no one was injured during this incident. Nonetheless, we are mindful of our duty to ensure the safety of the staff, patients and visiting public who access our facilities for service.

St. Jude Hospital reassures the general public that all containment measures have been put in place to ensure the continued safety of the staff, our patients, as well as members of the visiting public.

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“In response to today’s event, a technical team has been deployed to address the partial collapse of the canopy,” said Mrs. Liz Richard-Altifois, Officer in Charge, “I am confident that the team will work tirelessly to conduct repairs during the weekend and to make recommendations that will improve the safety of the building.”

The Board of Directors continue to work with the Government of Saint Lucia to ensure that we are able to prioritize the critical work that is needed to safeguard all users of the facility.

The Minister of Finance recently secured seventy-four thousand US dollars (US $74,000) for St. Jude Hospital to undertake critical remedial infrastructural works at the hospital following a recent assessment by the Ministry of Infrastructure’s engineering team.

An additional 1.5 million XCD was identified during the recent Budget Debate to support the work to be undertaken.

Today’s incident will undoubtedly accelerate our response and advance the plans for remedial work at the George Odlum Stadium.

As we continue to prioritize your safety, the general public is hereby advised that entry to the East Wing has been rerouted. The Security Team at the hospital will be on standby to redirect visitors to the temporary entrance. Structural works including the removal of the canopy will be undertaken on Sunday April 17, 2022.

We request the support and cooperation of the general public in our efforts to ensure your safety and that of our patients and employees, while we engage in actions aimed at returning our hospital operations to a state of normalcy.

Source: St Jude Hospital

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  1. St Lucia has the worst government in the caribbean . hands down. where in the caribbean have you heard of such a major hospital in a country being destroyed by fire and it taking 20 years to build a new one? you lucians just as bad. you vote one set of criminal in office and exchange them for another. blame your selves for putting up with this. the amount of money UWP and SLP steal from the country in the last 20 years could have built at least 3 hospitals. Lucians are the jokers of the caribbean. no shame whatsoever. We dont need a Caribbean court of justice for St lucia. we need a Criminal Court of Justice, where we start parading all those government officials to take a good 20 years in jail one by one. Both UWP and SLP.

  2. St Lucia not ASHAMED to have that thing there & calling it a hospital? These politicians self not seeing that as an eyesore? Give & Take man SMFH!!!

  3. Money makes the mare fly. This new government administration began with an empty treasury. With no money, nada could be done. More money had to be borrowed to get the ball rolling. You got it ! Plans for expenditure are all in the budget ! You got it !

    • See what are you talking about? No government has ever come in to an empty Treasury, so stop singing that nonsensical song that all politicians and political parties sing when they are given the opportunity to govern. What is the point of spending another 2 million+ on a building that is a disaster waiting to happen. Pierre your first mistake was giving that nitwit Hennicart to do an audit. The man knows nothing about engineering. The man told Kenny and Lawne to build on top of two structures that were sinking at the La Fargue Secondary. Yes I heard him at the La Fargue Community Center during a meeting and a teacher at the school laughed at his suggestion. Because he wasn’t listened to, the school has two new buildings today. Pierre I urge you to stop spending money to repair cause this was the downfall of both Kenny and Chas. You will be repairing for 5 years and the electorate will turn against you, instead as Joachim said there is drywall to make a bridge to Martinique, use it and finish the hospital that was started a few years ago. The old St Jude’s buildings have outlived their usefulness. Stop playing politics with the people. Take the Soufriere bridge as an example and get down to doing the people’s work.

  4. St. Judes burnt down almost 13 years ago. The fact that we continue to house sick people at the stadium going on 13 years is a total shame for both political parties and for us the people of St. Lucia because we have accepted this and we continue to be distracted by nonsense. A complete shame!

  5. Every St. Lucian including Dr. Kenny Anthony will agree that V/Fort needs a proper Hospital. The International Airport must be one suitable for these modern times; and so should be a Hospital in the South.
    That which has been – USED – in whatever way as a hospital, for whatever reason, has long outlasts its usefulness, because it was never built in anyway for that purpose. I have read that a new Hospital was under construction and that construction came to a halt, the moment a new Government took office. If that is not true, please tell us now; if it is true, then stop the politics and continue the construction in the name of the V/Fort people. Today is a Blessed day; Praise & warship the Father & the Son.

  6. Oh well ! Pass there not long ago it’s not as bad as it seem but the canopy just needed replacement that was not made to last forever suprise it lasted this long the stadium is not maintained like it should it was always on underutilized Yellow jackasses wanted to get rid of it like they did the meat processing plant some of the clowns love call the most Honorable KDA he we will pass thru after the Easter

  7. That place was not built as, and should not be continually used as a Hospital. Even as a Stadium it was a failure. The old shack the Americans built was for a temporary place in case of accidents, not for war, as usual in St. Lucia shit happens, fire damage and three sites under the this poor mans’ name. I read where the last Government started to build what was thought to be a ‘State of the Art Hospital’ and I thought well, V/Fort with an International Air port needs such a Hospital – Politics, Election, Change of Government – damn it why not continue the new one, scrap the Stadium, repair the old U.S. one as a teaching Hospital for Nurses. When will local politicos learn to put politics aside, and start working for the better good? the one that was stopped should be continued. The cabal of hate among the unholy trinity is childish, Kenny Anthony should be allowed to return to take over the affairs of Government and run things as it should be. This a right time for a rebirth.
    THERE IS SOMEONE ELSE POSTING UNDER THE NAME: FOx and FOXY: please stop it, thanks.

  8. We need to hold our government accountable. They promised to do better…..they promised not to be like the last administration. But so far all we have seen is their very own FFF getting rewards and filling up their pockets…..we see blatant nepotism, money going into ventures that benefit friends and families and the electorate forgotten and let down once again. I didn’t beat pan so heliars friends and their families could get rich at tax payers expense. I didn’t protest against corruption and bad deals so that the same contracts to family and friends could continue under this government. I didn’t protest against cabot so that lazy leeches could come out of hiding and claim huge pay days whilst our health facilities deteriorate and people die waiting for much needed medical procedures. I didn’t make a statement on the piton so that the jobs for the boys and girls crew can appoint their friends in jobs they are not suited for. I didn’t put gas in my bus to carry people on rallies so that frederick can give his frontman a salary for a job that could have gone to someone who needed it. I did all these things because I believed in bread, freedom and justice and in putting people first. The people have been forgotten…… they have been put in the back seat whilst the cabal and their crew live large at their expense. Protest action is needed now.

  9. Thank God no one was injured! People maintain your home structures, you’re personal investments, you’re vehicles! ……We live on an island where rust is invinceable! Focus on Wasco….. smph

  10. Where is Kenny D Anthony with all what going on in the south.. Shameful of Vieux fortians for not demanding st judes..people time to protest..Kenny let the people go ..and I understand pjp will fix the the so called hospital shame on slps if they put the people in that oven

  11. But this not be, it’s time that we the people demand from those we employ to do what we employ them to do, campaigning need to stop after election.
    Unfortunately our present government doesn’t seem to recognize that and seems to be stuck in election campaign. Unfortunately for us with our present slate of politician UWP and SLP don’t know governance is all about, all they know is politics.

  12. SLP lied… they never cared. It was all about power to get rich. Now we will pay for our stupidity.
    I wasted my vote

  13. Health care forgotten and kicked to the curb just like the people who brought this government their victory….now vaxx mass gets the go ahead because the cabal, the incompetent mattress and their friends need to make money. Whining down de road whilst poor people whining in pain and can’t get proper health care . Yea putting you first. I regret my vote.

  14. This is the end result of changing a government, when projects starts and it’s been halted for political reasons thus leads to lost of revenue and wastage

  15. Our government borrow our hard earned nic money to a broke man to build an empire but after years of borrowing nothing can be done about st judes choops….what is the point of any of youll

  16. It’s amazing after 43 years of political independence that this two political party ( SLP, UWP ) , can still the people of st Lucia with their lies.
    What I don’t understand is why any project started by one party cannot be continue and finish by the other.
    The st Jude hospital since it was destroy by fire has seen both of those party twice in government and yet we are no closer to a fountional hospital. With all the money that have been used to demolish and rebuild we should have a state of the art fountional hospital. Yet we find ourselves in a makeshift hospital which is falling apart. Now we have to find money to stabilize the makeshift one and then another set to build a new one. Laughable.
    Yet those people every five years present themselves to represent us and we keep giving them that power to use us for their own benefits.
    There is no vision, no plans, just empty vessel.
    This just one example of st lucia going backwards and continuing to fall because of political stupidity.
    Our present government has continue in the same method which is taking us to total destruction.

    • It will be fixed if you were paying attention to the budget presentation money has been allocated for repairs at the stadium while we wait on the new St Judes

  17. The two political parties have failed the people for decades, poor health care, low wages in the private sector, high cost of education, poor housing and infrastructure. They have failed the people and should be driven to the gates of hell with great fire and fury SLP and UWP

    • Totally. Yet the clowns go merry once the politicians give them their chicken and rum. This place is a near failed state. Soon to be declared a failed state with the incoming economic hell.

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