Car Part Thieves Strike Again

Car part thieves have struck again, removing parts from a vehicle that was parked on Rock Hall road.

The owner of the vehicle, identified only as Seth, told St Lucia Times that he received a call from a neighbour about 3.00 a.m. Wednesday morning, asking him and his uncle to check on their cars.

Seth said when he awoke from sleep and investigated he found that the bumper, fender and right head lamp were missing.

He recalled that the driver’s door was ‘jammed’.

“Clearly, it looks like the guys or whoever tried to – well, they wanted the parts – those specific parts that were missing, for whatever reason,” Seth explained.

He estimated that the theft would have taken place between midnight and 2:30 a.m since he went to bed about 11.00 p.m and his uncle came home about midnight.

Seth’s vehicle is a Nissan.

“If it could have been stolen very easily, they would have but you need the key to be within two feet of the engine for it to start, so there could have been no way they could have gotten away with it. But I don’t think they wanted to go with it. They just wanted those parts,” he told St Lucia Times.

Police on the scene

Seth estimated that his vehicle is worth about $16,000.

The stolen parts would cost about $9,000 to order on line and ship to Saint Lucia, including duties, he explained.

He estimated that it would cost about another $4000 to get the parts fitted.

“More or less the value of the vehicle,” Seth lamented.

On Sunday, thieves who were caught in the act of stealing tyres from a vehicle parked at Lumbard, Mon Repos, attacked and wounded the vehicle owner before a female police officer who lived nearby opened fire at them and is believed to have wounded one of the bandits.

The men fled in a vehicle in which they had arrived, leaving a trail of blood.

One of the suspects was later arrested and three tyres were subsequently found in a vehicle.



  1. Criminal activities are still going on strong, but the PM want to invite people to our shores! can you believe that? A no vision Government! King, wake up!

  2. All the hard work I put in to get my vehicle, for some lowlife to just come and set me back countless hours? I’m sorry, I would not be merciful if I caught one of those guys if it was me.

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