Car Thieves Strike Again, This Time In Gros Islet

Car thieves have struck again, this time making off with a Silver Grey Toyota Rush, registration number 7234.

The vehicle was parked at Daren Sammy Drive, Beausejour Phase 2, Gros Islet.

The owner of the vehicle said he did not see it  about 6.00 am Tuesday morning when he awoke from sleep.

He said he bought the vehicle in September last year.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Gros Islet police station at 456-3830

Not only are criminals stealing cars, but they are brazenly breaking into vehicles and stealing anything of value they find inside.

Photo posted on social media

One woman reports that several items, including a leather burgundy wallet, identification documents and other things of value were stolen from her secured car this week.

The thieves broke the back rear quarter glass within five minutes of the driver leaving the vehicle to cross the road opposite the bus stop near the White Rock junction, it was reported.



  1. This is getting rampant all over the island.time police have to start stopping cars and looking at their engine numbers and chasis numbers,specially for a couple of brands

  2. Motorists, please do not leave valuable items on the seats of your vehicles. The vehicle becames a target for thieves to break into.

  3. Its good to install a tracking device inside the car,It has to be well instaled better said well hidden,The police recovered a car at 6 am in the John Compton Dam,nice to say that the thieves abandoned all their tools and their car and ran to the bushes,and the stolen car was recovered before being stripped plus the car of the thieves.That was the police station of Anse La Raye,good for them.But we need more patroling at night time and in the country side were the thieves are having a rampage of thefts..Money money more police more police cars more stations,more tools,and more shooting please

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