Caribbean Beekeepers Want More Young People To Join Their Ranks

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The 10th Congress of Caribbean Beekeepers ended in Saint Lucia with a call for greater involvement of youth and the incorporation of new technology in safeguarding the future of honey production.

The three-day virtual congress of Caribbean Beekeepers Associations was an international event with participation from Europe, North America and Asia.

It covered a range of issues facing the beekeeping industry, including concerns over the lack of finance.

Host of the 10th Congress of Caribbean Beekeepers, Mr. Richard Matthias of the Iyanola Apiculture Collective, welcomed the virtual format of the conference, saying it added value to the quality and depth of presentations.

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Mr. Matthias highlighted threats to pollinators such as bees and other insects; and urged the public to get involved in spreading awareness of the value of all pollinators.

The congress, for its part, noted that beekeeping has no future if science and technology are not incorporated into the development of the industry.

The 10th Congress of Caribbean Beekeepers was made possible through the support of The Global Environment Fund SGP, UNPD Saint Lucia; the Inter-American Institute for Co-operation on Agriculture; and telecommunications service provider FLOW. Participating interests included banks, and marketers and exhibitors of honey products.

Headline photo courtesy Lucas van Oort


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