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Caribbean Grains Taps Social Media to Enhance Baking Industry

PRESS RELEASE: Castries, Saint Lucia (May 04, 2018) – Caribbean Grains Limited is using social media to deepen the interest of Saint Lucians in the art and business of baking.

Recently, the Vieux Fort-based flour mill company organised a Facebook contest to win a free baking lesson. The successful competitor was Natasha Jordan-Venner from Castries, who earned the privilege of joining sixteen other participants from local bakeries at a yet another training session held on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the Flour Mill in Vieux Fort.

The contest and training were part of Caribbean Grains’ efforts to advance expertise and increase the products available in Saint Lucia’s baking industry.

Ms. Jordan-Venner, who described herself as a part time baker, is grateful for the new knowledge she acquired at the training session.

“In the Caribbean every recipe we use, always ask for lukewarm water. What the Chef said made sense. We already live in a warm climate. Most of our recipes come from the US or Canada where climates are cold and bakers have to raise the temperature of their water. The water in the Caribbean is actually fine. Actually, using cold water gives us more time to control what we do with our recipe. And I see it worked well.”

The latest training session by Caribbean Grains was conducted by renowned French baker and consultant, Ali Medjahed from Mustique, who said the training involving Ms. Jordan-Venner focused on the choices of baking ingredients they make.

Chef Ali Medjahed with contest winner Natasha Jordan-Venner
Chef Ali Medjahed with contest winner Natasha Jordan-Venner

“She was very happy to win the contest. My word of advice was choose your products right all the time. Make sure you use Caribbean Grains flour. It’s actually a Saint Lucian product.  We have our seventh flour that would permit her to do anything she wants – from bread to cakes, pastry, and savoury. I am sure she had a great time and received a lot of information. She will also receive a lot of recipes from us and we will keep in touch by email.”

Caribbean Grains Sales and Marketing Director, Decosta Pierre, said the training conducted by the company is geared towards increasing the knowledge of bakers for the long-term improvement of skills in the baking industry. The Company is also planning a research exercise to ascertain where assistance is most needed in the industry.

“Caribbean Grains is embarking on an island-wide study to see where the baking industry is at and where it needs to go. We have realised that throughout our training that there are a lot of shortcomings. There are a lot of practices that do not allow the bakers to become consistent, hence the reason why we have embarked on this type of training. In the months to come we will embark on a lot more training but a lot of it will focus on developing the industry.”

Caribbean Grains commenced operations in Saint Lucia in November 2016.  More information on the company can be found online at


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