Caribbean Leaders Meet Biden & Harris On Climate, Economy, And Food Security

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The Ninth Summit of the Americas concluded Friday in Los Angeles, California with new commitments to climate adaptation, clean energy, and food security.

The Summit focused on “Building a Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future” and included the participation of leaders from across the Caribbean.

Both President Biden and Vice President Harris met with CARICOM members on Thursday and Secretary of State Blinken hosted multiple Caribbean Heads of Government during
meetings on Friday.

As President Biden explained, “There’s a lot that I think we can and should do. This is a partnership. My intention is to intensify the relationship with the Caribbean.  And I mean that sincerely.  You’re critically important to us in every way, and I hope we’re important to you.”

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U.S. and CARICOM leaders discussed Vice President Harris’s announcement of the U.S.-Caribbean Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis, or PACC 2030.

The new initiative will elevate U.S. cooperation with Caribbean countries to support climate
adaptation, strengthen energy security, and accelerate the transition to clean energy,
while building the resilience of critical infrastructure and local economies to the climate crisis.

PACC 2030 specifically focuses on improving access to development financing, a priority for the region.

PACC 2030 will work to expand existing access to project financing and unlock new financing mechanisms to support climate and clean energy infrastructure development in the region.

Key actions under this pillar will include increasing U.S. International Development Finance Corporation financing for climate and clean energy projects in underserved Caribbean countries, as well as collaborating with multilateral development banks and multilateral climate and environmental trust funds to improve the policy environment and unlock access to additional infrastructure financing for the Caribbean.

The announcement of PACC 2030 followed President Biden’s launch earlier in the week of the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity, a historic new agreement to drive the hemisphere’s economic recovery and growth.

Still reeling from the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Caribbean and Latin America have seen the deepest economic contraction of any region in the world.

In his remarks Friday at the Summit, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said, “Right now there’s a confluence of troubling global events that require our collective and strong leadership to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and to respond adequately to climate change and surmount the challenges of food insecurity and escalating oil prices.”

“My government welcomes President Biden’s announcement of a new Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity. My government is particularly pleased that President Biden’s Americas Partnership aims to mobilize new financing and to revitalize multilateral development banks, revamping their lending policies to better meet the specific needs of the majority of our nations,” said Prime Minister Browne.

During the same meeting on Friday, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley also addressed the multitude of challenges facing the hemisphere and the need for collective action.

“That’s why I’ve come also to thank President Biden and Vice President Harris,” she said.

“For too long there has been benign neglect, and the Partnership for the Americas as well as the Climate Partnership Pact 2030 offers us a real possibility of hope, but it is up to each of us to keep and hold each other accountable. We cannot achieve it overnight, but we are moving in the right direction.”

Source: United States Embassy – Barbados

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  1. So why the Caribbean islands don’t come
    Together as one voice and sustain each other and speak up … Boy these ppl smart they create the problem and are now working on the heart strings of the ppl to make it seem like they are powerless . Why would the US want to partner with y’all small folks ? You guys don’t even know what y’all have but the big boys see the potential in each island I tell you if they now down the Caribbean will be sinking … Lucians watch your bread …

  2. so the voicenote about Rasco and shipment and soon to be food shortage til december is that true????

    well i already see certain items are not available on the shelves like the protex soap i usually use, so lucians wake up and stock up as much as you can……

  3. PJP is very distant from the group. I wonder why. The picture shows he is not liked amongst the leaders. Mia speech was brilliant as always. PjP did not add anything worth talking about in his speech. He is one of those who talks at people not with people. ( line from Mia Mortley) ?As far as I am seeing PJP is not representing us well on the regional and international stage.

  4. The issue is not Climate change but rather poor access to health care, poor regional integration, easy access to guns particularly from the US(crime) and unethical behavior from politicians etc al.

  5. A picture can say a thousand words. PJP’s distance from the group of Caribbean leaders and VP Harris is very apparent. It makes me wonder if there have been comments amongst the regional leaders that makes him feel that he is not inclusive in their club or that he is partly banished from them. What types of real details does he contribute when they are together and speaking about roadmaps and planning for their respective countries and the region? During those talks they can remove all the puffery that they heap on their constituents, and discuss true facts about the plans and the methods of implementation where they provide feedback to each other. Since his administration hasn’t shared that information with us I can only guess that he doesn’t have solid plans that he feels that will live through scrutiny.


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