Antigua Observer:-Six months after 13 LIME retail staff received letters of redundancy, the Industrial Court ruled yesterday that they were unfairly dismissed.

Deputy General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union Chester Hughes confirmed the ruling.

In November 2015, the Magistrates’ Court granted an injunction to prevent the company from dismissing the workers and the matter was heard in the Industrial Court in March 2016.

Speaking on the decision, Hughes said, “I’m happy to have heard the decision of the court. The court found that redundancy exists. Of course, we never questioned the whole issue of redundancy because the company had closed its stores and transferred its business over to another company.

“What we were arguing was the whole question of the dismissal of the employees, and the court found that the dismissal of the employees was unfair.

“The Court has asked both parties to meet and work out a compensation package by June 30 for each of the 13 employees that were dismissed by Cable and Wireless. If we can’t work out the package then the court will assist both parties in doing so,” Hughes added.

“Definitely a victory for the staff, because at the end of the day our concentration will be a package above and beyond what they normally would have received, and, of course, these employees were still on the payroll because we were questioning the action of the company.

“They were on the payroll until the decision was made, and the employees will now be taken off the payroll, so they will receive their May salary as their last salary from the company,” Hughes added.

The ABWU filed an injunction against LIME which ensured the staff remained on the payroll.