Authorities in the British Virgin Islands have revealed the identities of the 21 prisoners that have been transferred to St Lucia this week.

According to BVI News, the convicts are being held on a wide range of serious offences including murder, attempted murder, and illegal possession of firearm.

The men were among the most dangerous prisoners at the state-owned penitentiary at Balsam Ghut, Virgin Islands News Online reports.

Governor Augustus Jaspert signed off on the emergency transfer after the prisoners were recaptured, following their escape during Hurricane Irma this month, the report said.

Earlier this week, National Security minister Senator Hermangild Francis sought to downplay reports that the men are high risk prisoners.

“People are saying high risk. I have not seen anything indicating that they are high risk. All I’ve been told is that they’re prisoners that needs shelter. So we have accepted to house as many as we could,” Francis asserted.

British Virgin Island authorities did not indicate how much time the prisoners would be spending in St Lucia.

A notice published in the BVI Gazette noted that, the prisoners will be away “until such time as repair work to improve security at the prison has been completed, and the governor determines that the conditions in the prison are such that further escape and disturbance at the prison can be prevented, and the life and safety of other prisoners and the community at large can be assured”.

They prisoners have been identified in the BVI Gazette as:

Omarie Winter

Shakoy Lavacia

Aaron George

Kareem Durante

Orlando Bonnick

Yan Edwards

Kenyatta Boynes

Alcedo Tyson

Andrew Milton

Devin Maduro

Deshawn Stoutt

Matthew Daniel Hazel

Jessroy McKelly

Jevone Demming

Sherman Abdul Williams

Jerry Martin

Samuel Harris

Alberto Rosa De La Rosa

Lorne Parson

Dennis Dwayne Campbell

Allen Baptiste


  1. I really hate when dem politicians talk and expect us to just accept. the world too small for that. The Virgin Islands news report that’s the prisoners were the most dangerous held at the prison and they were high risk but to trick lucians our national security minister said “I have not seen anything indicating that they are high risk” what more he needs to see? One of the prisoners shoving a gun in his face?

    Yall accepted the high risk prisoners in st lucia already just say “we have accepted high risk prisoners in st lucia”. Don’t try to spin the facts.

    • How do you know it is overcrowded? Unless you’ve been there. It is a prison. It’s not like they are releasing them in our towns. The island is just supporting a neighboring island.

      • “The island is just supporting a neighboring island.”

        That supposed “neighbouring” island is a BRITISH TERRITORY, the British have tonnes more resources than us and are in good position to look after they dependents.

        Why did our “Not too bright PM” offer to take in prisoners of British territory!

        That’s what you should asking yourself.

        And what about Antigua, Dominica and other OECS islands.

        They could have chosen to take in children, elderly and or disable from non British territories.

    • Really now. You hope they all escape!!! Well I hope when they all escape if you living in Lucia or any member of your family living in Lucia or any neighbouring island I hope is there they go first. Stupid fool.

      You may be upset but be careful what you wish for. You might just get your wish and some more.

  2. Why didn’t the British send them to one of their isolated territories like St. Helena or transfer them to a maximum security prison on the British mainland?
    How much money is the UK Government paying us to house the Queen’s undesirable subjects here?
    May God save the Queen (or Governor General) if her undesirable subjects escape lawful custody whilst at the BCF.

    • You know that no regular flights land at St Helena right? Plus it would be too expensive to take them their and to the UK. I am assuming that the UK government is paying the St Lucian Government to keep them in St Lucia in any event.

      • Off course they’re paying, our “Not too bright PM” runs the Government like a business!

        Now which one of our journalist has the balls to ask the question – How much is St Lucia being paid per prisoner and how long is the deal in place for?????

        The only proper “journalist” on island now are Chris and Federick and the irony is they’re not journalists by profession.

        “Where have all our journalist gone..mmmmm”

  3. That is a crap of reporting from the St Lucia Times. Aren’t we equipt to house so called “dangerous prisoners”. Wouldn’t we have to look for a place to hold our own so called dangerous prisoners if we are in the same position as these countries.

    • If your house is damaged and your mother is still alive, that should be the first place you should go for shelter before going to your neighbour’s.

  4. Why didnt the gornverment accepted people whos homeless at lease the could work an gain something. But no they accepted criminal hmmm they cant even handle or control the bcf. What are they trying to prove i dont even know well good luck with their prisoners lool atlease im out

  5. I am pretty sure Chasnette has room for them in his mansion. why didn’t he take them in since he wants to help out.they will guard his mansion for him.that. son of a gon.St lucia belongs to only some people.those that are in Charge

  6. Pastor Aristide give me a you should go there and preach the word too them.and ask them too turn their life over to God..alay shay tan batise

  7. Only negative comments .We lucians complain about every thing .rather we pray that the times we have to house these people are incident free some of you are asking that they break away . I worked to ensure that these men were transferred from aircraft to prisons an I have full confidence in my co workers at bcf. Let us Lucian stop being selfish,greedy, nasty and of right stupid over these persons being housed at bcf. My problem is our government PR needs a bit of working on and our PM and his ministers need to get the real information out there .

  8. I hope if the tables are turned and we go through a churro and that damages he Bordelais facility that all St Lucians will be happy to have St Lucias most dangerous running around during a time of great strain. Because should no one return the favor, you all will be oh so hurt at the lack of compassion from the regional community

  9. You see? Allen is no different from Kenny, they both have a superiority complex and they don’t have to answer or explain anything to the populace.

  10. Thanks St Lucia for helping our country. You are a blessed country and the region thanks you for the leadership you have shown. You are a small island but you have shown great support to us. we are ever thankful. God Bless the people of Ste Lucie.

  11. St Lucia is a dump everything that not good is here it coming what happen to England us n Canada y can’t they help

  12. Why use my name to say your crap.stop hiding behind me use your own name please. I will pray for you. I believe you are lost soul

  13. Luciana are so bad minded
    Wishing for the prisoners to escape
    When they escape we Lucian a they coming after
    Why don’t we all hope for the best
    Think if it was st.lucia that was destroyed by the hurricane …and one of our family member was at bordalais
    You would love for another country to govern then in till st.lucia recover
    I’m not taking the pm side
    Just watching the scenario on the another side

    • Agreed.
      I just want to know, if St.Lucia’s prison was destroyed whether Lucians would want the dangerous prisoners to remain on island in a destroyed or compromised building or better yet be housed at their homes.

  14. The PM and his National Security Minister, both were imprecise with the truth. Why try to sanitize the harrowing background and conceal the true number of these hardened criminals? The British has the proper facilities, man power, and the additional adequate resources to easily accommodate these prisoners. It’s the solemn duty of the British to house these prisoners, end of story.


  15. Some comments here hv me in tears .. lord y ? Y are my fellow St Lucian’s so heartless ??…

    Moreover i don’t agree with posting of the prisoners name and photos….. However knowing the crimes committed is ok… Those are crimes also committed by our own families…

    We need to pray.. not in times of troubles but pray for a open mind and good heart..

  16. The media has a right and the responsibility to report the news. The two however are inseparable and neither can exist one without the other. Whether that right is exercised in a responsible way is what determines the quality of reporting and information desiminated to the wider society. The news should therefore act responsibly when reporting any story. It was good enough to let us know that the prisoners are on island and how many, but their names should have been held back for to not further compromise the national security of country. Is the news helping to keep us safe by revealing that these prisoners are now in St. Lucia? What, if any, are the motivates of the media house to reveal the names of some of the most dangerous of the criminals from the BVI? This kind of reporting is not making the job of the police any easier and that makes for irresponsible reporting. The news must not always act as if only to be the first to break a story or to say, ” I told you so.” However, to act responsibly when reporting.

  17. First time I see such a long list of criminals and not one of them have an alias. Criminals always have aliasses.

  18. Chastenet is bless!st.lucia is even more bless for being spared by maria n irma considering the magnitude of them,hence allowing st.lucia the opportunity to house the prisoners.your gesture shall not be taken for granted …..imma born and raised st.lucian and applaud the PM for his kind support offcourse with the reflex on the st.lucia public at large so bad mind stay far

  19. Lol! You ppl r funny. Getting on with each other over comments :v sooo ridiculous. FREEDOM OF SPEECH! If you find the person post is nonsense why reply? Just go about y’all biznis lool

  20. My opinion since we have the prisoners already our government should release the prisoners who are in prison for minor crimes if the prison are over crowded

  21. My opinion since we have the prisoners already our government should release the prisoners who are in prison for minor crimes if the prison are over crowded

  22. We can’t even control our own criminals.. Hope all goes well!! Smh Chastanet should’ve left that to a country with better Prison infrastructure and higher trained military you’re bringing more fear into the country. I mean If He brought some of people who were starving and placed them in the hospital he wants to break down for a Horse track… temporarily, i’m sure we as Lucians would do a good job in donating and support.

  23. Reading some of those comments are heartbreaking. I see ignorance. .selfishness. …bad mindedness. ..ridicule

    It’s okay to share your opinion. Don’t get me wrong but some of those opinions are really sad.
    We have been spared for the past few hurricanes. Thank god. But people if it happens to us …we would be happy if another country took that brave step to house our high risk prisoners.

    May we be positive about this and I pray that the bvi speedily get back on their feet to reclaim their prisoners

  24. What kind of leader takes it upon himself to take in high risk prisoners, without being asked, or a request being made?? I really can’t understand why the PM would make such a request. Something is fundamentally wrong in Chastanet head. You don’t try to raise funds to send aid, but you want prisoners? That one baffles me. Anyways, while prisoners are people too, I think St Lucia has enough of this negativity to bring in more. Shame on you Chas and those who support this move. Shame!

  25. Jesus was crucified with two criminals. He was able to save one, the one who was willing to be saved. We can be “criminals” both in thoughts and in our action, just as Jesus say, we sin both in thought and action. See Matthew 5:28. IOWs it’s not only those who have done the act or even have been caught ate criminals, many more may be “criminsls” in their thoughts and words. A word to the wise.

  26. These Little Bullas would not stand a chance against our On The Low Serial killer Police Officers. We are more than capable, and probably one of the most adequate in the region to house these lil kittens. Its not hard to see by the sheer ignorance and selfishness displayed here that Luians can be heartless. Lucians are friendly and caring but if you think these prisoners are to dangerous to bring here then you forget that the average Saint Lucian will fly your neck off for cussing their mother let alone anything graver. Also dont forget we are actually returning a favor. We have had to ship prisoners out and got assistance. All i see is fresh meat for our prisoners and target practice for our trigger happy, “every gun is a christas gift”, Police

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