Barbados Today:-United Nations secretary general António Guterres will visit hurricane-ravaged Dominica on October 8, prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced Friday.

“As a result of my trip to the United Nations, the secretary general of the United Nations will come to Dominica on October 8 to see for himself, along with his staff so that he himself can continue the advocacy on behalf of Dominica,” Skerrit said at his daily media briefing.

At their meeting at UN headquarters in New York on September 23, Guterres expressed solidarity with the government and people of Dominica in light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria during its passage over the island on September 18.

The secretary general also agreed with Skerrit to the importance of building resilience for adaptation to climate change, while promising to assist Dominica with its immediate and long-term relief efforts.

“Tonight, when I address the nation, I will speak to you on a number of actions I have taken as prime minister, the number of cities in the world I will be visiting in the next few days to speak to the financial agencies, to speak to governments as to what are our needs in this country,” Skerrit said.

“Dominica needs all of us to focus on rebuilding this country and bring hope to our people and let our people know that there will be a better tomorrow,” he added.


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